Gordon Ramsay, 57, and His Wife Tana, 49, Proudly Introduced Their 6th Baby to the World

5 months ago

Gordon and Tana Ramsay are parents to a large brood, but they decided not to stop there and recently became parents for the 6th time. They welcomed their son, Jesse James, and shared heartwarming photos of the little one, who has already celebrated his first month.

After Gordon and Tana got married, they faced difficulties conceiving a child. Initially, Tanya was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, and later, Gordon encountered fertility issues. However, they didn’t give up and decided to try IVF. Fortunately, it worked, and in 1998, their first daughter Megan was born. But they didn’t stop there, and about a year later, the family welcomed two adorable twins, Jack and Holly.

In 2001, another addition to the family arrived. Little Matilda was born, and from the age of 9, she participated in her father’s culinary shows.

After the birth of their four children, Gordon and Tana had to endure a loss. In May 2016, they announced that they were expecting another child. However, a month later, Gordon revealed that the baby would not be born. At that time, his support was crucial for Tana. She shared that Gordon couldn’t be there when their four children were born, but he was with her at the most critical moment.

The loss only strengthened the family, and the couple became even more attentive to each other. Gordon never left Tana’s side, and in April 2019, he was there when their fifth child, Oscar, was born.

The birth of their sixth child was a miracle for the family. Gordon is 57 years old, and Tana is 49. The arrival of the new addition to the family brought out the tender side in both parents. Tana admitted that Gordon is, in fact, a very gentle and vulnerable person.

Despite Gordon’s well-known bold on-camera persona, he disclosed that his wife, Tana, is the stronger of the two. “Tana’s super fierce, an ex-Montessori school teacher. So, I’m the softie,” he said. His wife also confirmed this, “He is, believe it or not, incredibly sensitive.”

Following the baby’s birth, Gordon, 57, was the first to announce the news, sharing snapshots of their newest addition to the Ramsay family. On his Instagram gallery, the Kitchen Nightmares host captioned, “What an amazing birthday present please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper,” he captioned the post.

The heartwarming photo captured the baby boy in a snug white onesie decorated with tiny red, blue, and gray stars. Wrapped in a blanket, the little one looked more than cozy. Tana, 49, expressed her feelings in the caption, “One month of this little one already, loving every minute.”

Motherhood after 40 is becoming more and more common. Take a look at other stars who have given birth after the age of 40, and some even after 50.


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