The Tale of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilary Barton, Who Ran Away From Hollywood to a Rural Village and Declined to Get Married for 10 Years

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Some couples, like Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, are willing to get married after their first date. On the other hand, there are pairs like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who don’t view marriage as a significant achievement. For Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton, it took more than ten years to tie the knot. Nevertheless, this prolonged duration doesn’t imply any doubt about their feelings.

The start of their unusual love story.

Burton and Morgan met each other thanks to their mutual friend, Jensen Ackles. Jensen had worked with both of them previously in different TV programmes. One day during spring, Jensen had a great idea to arrange a blind date for them. The actress remembers that Jeffrey’s confidence impressed her. “I was not a girl anyone pursued. I’ve always been alpha. And Jeffrey was like, ’You’re going to be my girlfriend.’”

Burton welcomed this change of role and enjoyed having someone care for her. The romance developed quickly. Although Hilarie had been cautious in her past relationships, she jumped in feet first this time. Jeffrey said, “Let’s do it! Let’s run away!” And they did.

Living, travelling across the country, and raising children together may have seemed unusual. However, it worked out for Burton and Morgan, who became parents one year after meeting and welcomed their son, Augustus, in 2010. Hilarie gave birth to their daughter, Virginia, in 2019. They never intended to have a traditional wedding like most people.

Combine the glamour of showbiz with life on the farm.

Before meeting Jeffrey, Hilarie never got married. Even after falling in love with Jeffrey, she didn’t want to hurry into a wedding ceremony. They didn’t feel the need to exchange vows to be considered husband and wife. “Here’s the God’s honest fact: From the moment I met Jeffrey, he was my husband. Rather than make vows right out of the gate, we lived them.

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Their path to becoming parents began at the start of their relationship, and they hoped to have more children in the years ahead. Nonetheless, it turned out to be more complicated than their first experience. Following the birth of their son, Augustus, Hilarie battled for many years to conceive. Ultimately, they were confronted with the mixed emotions of pregnancy, only to suffer the loss of that child. Unfortunately, such challenges are part of life.

Therefore, when Burton, aged 35, found out she was pregnant again, she decided not to tell anyone. She was tormented by the possibility of another miscarriage. She checked her baby’s heartbeat daily throughout her pregnancy until giving birth. Finally, in 2018, Morgan became one of the most favourable celebrity fathers when his daughter was born.

Parenthood strengthened their relationship. Morgan was present at the births of their children, forming an instant bond with them. They jointly searched for suitable names for their son and daughter by reading books. Burton acknowledged that they functioned as a cohesive team in this matter.

When Morgan first suggested they escape from the world, he meant it literally. Upon discovering Hilarie’s pregnancy, the couple swiftly moved to the tranquil Hudson Valley, where they embraced farming. They spent their days caring for chickens, ducks, donkeys, cows, ostriches, and alpacas. After completing their acting duties, the actor and actress got to work and experienced the everyday life of rural residents.

Their decision was liberating and changed the way they saw things. Burton commented, “An attractive woman is one who is hard-working, who can handle animals and lift up bags of dirt, not one with highlights or abs or nails. I’ve never felt more valued.”

It’s time to get married.

In 2019, Burton legally added “Morgan” to her name to confirm their marriage. She chuckled because the media had wrongly reported their wedding many times, first in 2014 and then in 2015.

So, the ceremony did not have any major impact on them. They have lived as a married couple for ten years, built a family, a farm and found their community. They decided to have a small celebration with their closest friends and family. Jensen Ackles, the friend who set up their first meeting, acted as their host. their first date, hosted it.

The couple never considered getting married for a long time. Nevertheless, one day, Jeffrey suggested an idea for their wedding ceremony, including the best man and guest list, according to Hilarie. The thought of celebrating with their loved ones was so appealing to them that they chose to accept it. So, they got married as a way to show appreciation to those who have shared in their lives during the previous ten years.

The tale of this pair shows that happiness comes in various forms. Certain individuals are willing to exchange the glamour of Hollywood for a quiet life in which they can find harmony. Meanwhile, some don’t require a wedding to demonstrate their affection. We admire them all the same.

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