“I Cannot Afford to Die”, Astonishing Story of a Woman Who Had Her First Baby at 70

10 months ago

In a world where societal constraints and obstacles reign, this woman has shattered all expectations, emerging as a beacon of hope. Rising from modest origins in a quaint Indian village, she defied conventional norms to achieve a remarkable feat — becoming one of the world’s oldest mothers by welcoming her first child at an incredibly advanced age. Her narrative ignites a fire within us, urging us to confront our personal challenges and chase our aspirations unreservedly, regardless of the circumstances.

Rajo Devi Lohan’s name echoes with hope and determination, as she challenged societal norms by pursuing her dream of motherhood at an advanced age. Amid numerous medical examinations and fertility procedures, she confronted obstacles with resolute perseverance.

Her tenacity and bravery culminated in the realization of her aspiration, as she gave birth to her first child at the age of 70, shattering barriers and surpassing expectations. Her narrative serves as a poignant reminder that the pursuit of our aspirations and the fulfillment of our profound desires are endeavors that know no bounds of time.

Rajo Devi Lohan achieved the distinction of becoming the world’s oldest first-time mother, overcoming the criticism that asserted she was jeopardizing her own life and subjecting her child to the potential pain of early parental loss.

After undergoing a contentious in vitro fertilization procedure at 70, she eventually gave birth to a baby girl and encountered near-fatal childbirth complications. However, in the years that followed, the now 78-year-old shared that her daughter, Naveen, has imparted strength to her and extended her lifespan.

Despite her frail health, the determined mother finds her motivation in the wish to witness her daughter’s wedding, giving her the courage to continue the fight for life. Rajo, a resident of the remote village of Hissar, India, shares her home with Naveen, husband Ballo, and his second wife Umi. She states, “The only reason I am still alive despite my illness is Naveen.”

“She is a gift that God has given me, and, until I have married her off, I cannot afford to die. I will marry her off when she turns 15, but until then I simply cannot die.”

Numerous individuals raised concerns about the potential harm to the mother’s well-being during this pregnancy. Their reservations appeared warranted as Rajo experienced a grave illness, teetering on the brink of death due to postpartum complications linked to her IVF treatment.

Remarkably, Rajo has outlasted even her attending physician, who stood by her side during the entirety of the journey. She credits her longevity to having a powerful reason to continue living: her daughter.

Rajo shared, “When Naveen was born, the doctor had asked me to take absolute bed rest, but I didn’t listen to him and that’s why my health got so bad. I am not used to rest and that is why I could not avoid working even after she was born. For me, work is what I’ve done all my life.”

Nevertheless, all her health issues seem to have dissipated at present. “I feel much better now. The doctor took very good care of me, but, unfortunately, he has since passed away. He spent a lot of money on my medical expenses to help me have my daughter. I really appreciate everything he did.”

Rajo openly admits that her lifelong aspiration had been to become a mother. Regardless of the opinions expressed by doctors and others, she remained determined to realize her dream. “When I looked around and saw children, my heart was saddened that I could not have one; I desperately wanted to have a child of my own,” she earnestly revealed.

The entire village joined in the jubilation of witnessing her embrace motherhood. The villagers collectively shared in her happiness, and everyone from the community gathered to celebrate this remarkable occasion.

Despite having reached advanced age, the mother remains untroubled by concerns about Naveen’s future. “She doesn’t need to worry about her future — she has her other mother, Umi, her uncles, relatives, and her father to take care of her,” she affirmed.

“As Naveen is my only daughter, she will inherit all my property, which includes 52,000 square meters of land. Her future will be secured.”

Evidently, age poses no barrier to realizing the dream of motherhood. This woman’s bravery and resolve serve as a poignant reminder that regardless of the years that have gone by, opportunities persist to embrace the profound bliss of becoming a mother. This sentiment is echoed by celebrities who also became moms after 40.

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