I Declined to Give Up My First-Class Seat to a Mother With a Baby and Feel Guilty

year ago

We received a letter from our reader Sarah who is currently overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. We’d like to provide some guidance to assist her. We decided to share her situation and listen to the opinions of others to see whether Sarah made the right decision or not.

Thank you for sharing your story. Here are opinions of our readers who have expressed their views on this situation

  • The mother seemed to be trying to use her crying baby as an excuse to change seats. Often, when a baby cries, the mother can stand up to hold the child. That is often more calming than holding the child when she is sitting. © Deborah Chavez / Facebook
  • I would have offered to hold the baby, I did this once as I watched a mum and dad stress, lovely quiet mum and happy parents. © Jan East / Facebook
  • Several times I have paid extra to have a specific seat on an aeroplane . Once I was asked by a lady to swap seats so she could be next to her husband. I refused, explained that I had paid extra for the seat. © Vicky Bannister / Facebook
  • I never expect flying to be comfortable. I’d offer to help so she could have a break. And perhaps that would mean in my seat. In the end it’s just money. © Sarah Reid / Facebook
  • Do not feel guilt, if she needed first class she should have bought first class. Screams parental entitlement to me, which I have no use for. Not my problem. © Karrie Rose-Long / Facebook
  • It if just temporary for an hour or two why not? Will it really make a difference in your life? Probably not. But it will make a difference in hers albeit termporarily. To each their own. © Kelly Yates Wheeler / Facebook

It’s good that you and your friend weren’t afraid to stand up for your rights. Besides, flying a plane can be a nerve-wracking and exhausting experience. However, regardless of the circumstances, we urge everyone to remain human and treat others with kindness.


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