I Expected Teenage Drama in My Wife’s Secret Diary, But Found Baby’s Name I’ve Never Heard About

month ago

While exploring the attic of my wife’s childhood home one day, I stumbled upon her old secret diary. Tucked away beneath a pile of aged items, it seemed like it hadn’t seen daylight in years. Opening it with anticipation, I thought I might uncover some typical teenage drama. However, I was in for a surprise!

It was hidden under a heap of neglected memories, and its worn cover stood out to me amid the dusty mess.

«Dear Diary,» one entry read, «today, I felt some weird vibes in my gut. Like there’s something brewing in there, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.» My eyes widened as I kept reading. Sarah had been pregnant! How the heck did she keep something this big from me?

Each page turned revealed more of Sarah’s secrets — her fears, her hopes, her struggles. And then, bam! I hit the motherlode — a name I’d never heard before: Emily. Sarah spoke of her like she was the light of her life, but she never mentioned her to me. Turns out, Emily was our daughter, a bombshell Sarah had been holding onto all this time.

A surge of shock, anger, and confusion washed over me as I forcefully closed the diary.

Storming downstairs, I shoved the diary into Sarah’s hands, my voice trembling with emotion. «What’s up with this, Sarah?» I demanded, my heart pounding in my chest. «Who’s Emily? And why didn’t you tell me about her?»

Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes as she stared down at the diary, her silence saying more than words ever could. For a moment, the room was filled with tension, broken only by the sound of our shaky breaths.

Finally, Sarah spoke, her voice barely above a whisper.

«I never wanted to hide it from you, babe. I was frightened and lost, thinking I was making the right choice for everyone,» she explained. Her words struck me hard. It dawned on me how little I truly understood about the woman I cherished. She wasn’t just my wife; she was an individual with her own fears and secrets.

«What are you saying, Sarah? Who’s Emily?» I inquired, my tone gentler, tinged with worry and bewilderment. «And where is she now?»

Sarah’s eyes filled with tears as she gazed at me, her face showing a mix of sorrow and remorse.

«Emily is our daughter, Jack,» she whispered. «I let another family adopt her when I was younger. I believed it was the right choice back then.»

It felt like the ground had disappeared beneath me. «Our daughter?» I said again, trying to understand this new information. «Why didn’t you tell me about her?»

Sarah breathed in unsteadily, her hands shaking as she tried to speak. «I was really scared, Jack,» she said, her voice full of feelings. «I was afraid of losing you and worried about what you’d think of me. I thought if I kept it hidden, it would disappear. But it didn’t.»

I felt a rush of anger and betrayal.

Pain overwhelmed me like a big wave, ready to swallow me up. Our marriage seemed to be built on lies, and I wasn’t sure if we could ever fix the damage.

The truth hung over us like a heavy blanket, making it hard to breathe. A fury rose in me, stronger than anything I’d felt. «Why, Sarah? Why put us through this?» I asked, my voice filling the silent room. «Why hide such a huge secret from me?»

Even as I asked those questions, I sensed that deep inside, no answers could ever make the shock and pain of Sarah’s betrayal go away. In the quiet aftermath of our broken reality, I understood that our marriage had changed irreversibly.

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