I Planned Revenge on My Cheating Fiancé but Now I’m Unsure if It’s Too Harsh

2 weeks ago

We received a desperate letter from one of our readers. Just a few days before her wedding, she found out about her fiancé’s infidelity. She had a plan in mind, but now she’s doubting its correctness and asked for advice.

She wrote a letter, saying:

We decided to find out what people think about such a situation.

  • Guess it depends on what your end game is. I’d just cancel and walk away. If anyone asks why, be honest. Lies eventually come light. © Robbie Smith / Facebook
  • Doing laundry should not be a spectator sport. Do this without an audience. © Monica HB / Facebook
  • I am amazed at how easily you believed in someone’s infidelity after spending over 4 years together. Texts can be fabricated. Before making decisions about canceling the wedding, find more evidence of his guilt. Call the number and demand proof. If everything is confirmed, then do as you planned. But perhaps this is all a lie, and your fiancé is innocent. And you will ruin the wedding, your relationship with him, and make a mockery of yourself. © Lucy Hems / Facebook
  • Everyone needed to know exactly what kind of fool the guy was. If he didn’t like being exposed to all, then he shouldn’t have done it. Good for her. © Donna Womack / Facebook
  • The wedding is going to be called off one way or another. If you confront him before — you may be got some money back on your cancelled event? © Geri Briggs / Facebook

Unfortunately, sometimes the closest people to us keep secrets from us. Here’s the story of a man whose wife started sneaking out of the house at night. He followed her and learned the harsh truth.

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