Grandma Got Her First Tattoo at 91, Ignoring Those Around Her Who Called Her «Crazy»

3 weeks ago

At 91 years old, our grandmother astounded everyone with the unexpected choice to get a tattoo. However, beyond the outward surprise, her decision carried a profound significance. The selected tattoo emerged as a poignant symbol, representing something far more significant than we could have imagined.

At the age of 91, a grandmother made the bold decision to get her very first tattoo.

Guada Kelly’s delightful great-grandchildren took to TikTok to spread joy by sharing an adorable video featuring their grandma. The video quickly gained widespread popularity, accumulating an impressive 4.3 million views and counting.

In a surprising turn of events, Guada’s four remarkable great-grandchildren recently organized a spontaneous tattoo party. To everyone’s delight, the spirited 91-year-old Granny Guada decided to join in on the fun. With youthful enthusiasm, she embarked on the adventure of getting her very first tattoo, adding an extra layer of specialness and memorability to the day.

The Internet became noticeably divided in response to the tattoo.

Although Guada’s grandchildren were excited about the heartwarming bonding experience, it’s important to acknowledge that not all of the nearly four million viewers who enjoyed her story shared the same enthusiasm for her decision to get a tattoo at her age.

Some expressed dissenting opinions in the comments. One person remarked, “Weird and sad.” Another found her actions somewhat “ridiculous,” and there were several comments expressing disapproval, labeling her as “mad.” The diverse reactions highlighted the contrasting perspectives and opinions circulating on the internet regarding Guada’s unconventional choice.

Opinions on the tattoo were notably diverse — some found it unappealing, while others humorously suggested incorporating her name and phone number, joking that having a lifelong mark at 91 might be wiser than at 24.

A segment of social media users went as far as labeling Guada’s choice as imprudent and irresponsible. However, amidst this spectrum of viewpoints, it’s essential to emphasize that Guada and her great-grandchildren also received a collection of heartwarming and encouraging comments, showcasing a positive and supportive side to the online discourse.

Individuals marveled at Guada, with one person calling her “amazing,” and another hailing the shared experience as “awesome.” The video garnered an outpouring of affection. In the footage posted by her grandchildren, Guada is seen comfortably seated in the tattoo studio as the artist positions a stencil on her upper arm. She gazes down at her arm, smiles at the stencil, and enthusiastically gives two thumbs up after the artist removes the stencil paper.

Her joy is evident in the video.

The specific design of the tattoo remains a mystery, but her great-grandchildren also opt for matching stencils. Despite the potential discomfort, Guada maintains a smiling demeanor and shares light-hearted jokes with her great-grandchildren as the artist works on her petite flower tattoo just above her elbow. Upon the completion of the tattoo, she admires the artwork — a lasting reminder of the unique and special shared experience with her grandchildren.

Following Guada’s lead, her grandkids also decided to get matching tattoos.

Guada’s special bond with her great-grandchildren was beautifully sealed with matching flower tattoos, each intricately etched onto distinct parts of their bodies. Guada proudly displayed hers on her arm, while her great-grandson showcased his on his calf. The choice of placement for her great-granddaughters was equally unique, with the delicate flowers adorning their ribs and arms.

In her early 90s, Guada’s vibrant spirit shines through in her videos. Effortlessly reading and singing along to song lyrics with infectious enthusiasm, she radiates vibrant and joyful energy.

Guada’s internet presence has sparked a sensation, captivating viewers globally. Her videos are experiencing an outpouring of appreciation, being liked, shared, and flooded with comments from newfound admirers enthusiastically spreading their love and admiration for her across the globe.

Unfazed by mean comments, Guada chooses to view them as opportunities for personal growth. Her strong and positive attitude propels her forward, and she refuses to let anything bring her down.

A tattoo serves as a lifelong mark, narrating your distinctive story — a canvas of memories and beliefs permanently etched onto your skin. It stands as a powerful means to express your identity, passions, and milestones, carrying their significance with you wherever life takes you. Each inked design transforms into a permanent reminder of your personal journey and the impactful moments that contribute to shaping who you are.

Preview photo credit guada.kelly / TikTok


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