Julia Roberts Is Now Prioritizing Her Family and Living an “Ordinary” Life

10 months ago

Not all celebrities want to be at the peak of flame forever. Sometimes they prefer to stand back from the Hollywood scene and just live a normal life with their family. Julia Roberts is one of the brightest examples of true love for her partner and kids.

She was left because of her fame.

Julia’s journey to find true love wasn’t a walk in the park. She went through some serious ups and downs while dating big shots in Hollywood, like Matthew Perry and Liam Neeson. But she had to endure all the drama and heartbreak before stumbling upon the man who finally made her feel like the real deal.

Roberts had a fling with Benjamin Bratt before eventually settling down with Moder. Unfortunately, her romance with Bratt crumbled under the weight of her fame. Bratt couldn’t cope with her popularity, likening it to a persistent annoyance that just won’t leave you alone. After parting ways with Bratt, Roberts, and Moder developed a close friendship. At the time, Moder was already married, but his marital situation was spiraling downwards.

The fatal meeting with Moder that changed her whole existence.

After filing for divorce, Moder decided to work on his relationship with Roberts. They chose to spend quality time together at their homes instead of going out in public. As they got to know each other better, they realized they wanted to take the plunge and get married. So, just two years after they met, they secretly tied the knot.

Their wedding was so hush-hush that they had their loved ones to their home without revealing their true intentions; they simply invited them to Roberts’ ranch for an Independence Day celebration. This made July 4th their special anniversary. Now, after 21 years of marriage, Julia Roberts is still celebrating their love with her husband.

Roberts and Moder have been blessed with three children. They have 18-year-old twins named Phinneas and Hazel, and a 16-year-old son named Henry. Their love and passion for each other are still strong, and while they keep their personal life private, Roberts often shares sweet moments with her husband or expresses her love publicly.

“He’s my favorite person on the planet, so I love spending time with him, and I love his work ethic. His point of view is really valuable to me,” Julia recalled.

They don’t let gossip affect them, instead opting to enjoy their life as it is, with its great dose of simplicity. The family deeply treasures their time together, and the strong closeness they share is a beautiful reflection of Danny and Julia’s relationship after being married for 21 years.

Julia kept her life far from social media.

According to W Magazine, the beloved actress known for her role in Steel Magnolias made her Instagram debut in 2018. Upon browsing her page, one will find that the majority of her photos are self-portraits, occasionally featuring her partner, Moder.

In one instance, Roberts shared a heartfelt image of the couple, celebrating their 18th anniversary. Interestingly, the picture depicted a makeup-free Roberts, dressed down and casual, rather than the glamorous red carpet appearances typically associated with her, complete with elaborate hair and makeup.

During a candid moment, director Mike Nichols shared his admiration for Julia Roberts and her three children, Hazel, Henry, and Phinneaus. “That’s what Julia has been best at, maintaining their real life. It’s the little things that tell the tale. When you visit them, there is nobody working at their house, sweeping their hall. There are toys all over, and it’s just Julia and Danny and the kids. She always slips away from the center.”

Even though celebrities are extremely busy with filming and press-tours, many of them are also family people. Looking at this proves that it will make you believe in family values once again:


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