Lenny Kravitz, 59, Flaunts His Stunning Physique Leaving the World in Awe

8 months ago

Lenny Kravitz kicked off his career in 1989 and has released a plethora of hits. There was a period when he wasn’t releasing new music, but now he’s made a triumphant comeback with a sizzling music video. In the video, Lenny proves that even in his nearly 60s, he’s still unbelievably amazing.

Lenny Kravitz at 27 years old, Malibu, CA

Grammy-winning artist and record holder Lenny Kravitz is gearing up to release his newest double album, Blue Electric Light, in March 2024, marking a five-year gap since his last release. Giving fans a taste of what’s in store, he just unveiled a groovy single named TK421, which brings back memories of the iconic artist Prince.

In his most recent music video, which can be watched in full here, we glimpse Kravitz’s morning routine, beginning with him rising from a lavish bed, drawing back the curtains, and grooving behind a strategically placed statue that covers him from the waist down.

The scenes then follow him as he showers, engages in a playful dance-off with his reflection, using a toothbrush as a makeshift microphone, all the while clad in a crisp white towel. Then he effortlessly transitions into dressing for the day, seamlessly strumming his electric guitar and bouncing on his bed, showcasing his signature smooth moves.

The sizzling 3-and-a-half-minute video left fans not just eagerly anticipating the album but also thrilled to witness Lenny Kravitz flaunting his daring dance moves and fit physique. While many watchers expressed straightforward admiration for his talent, others couldn’t contain their excitement, showering him with praise like “Lenny Kravitz completely dominated this song!!! Absolutely loving it!”

Some fans playfully remarked, “I’ve watched this an insane amount of times,” while a few humorously quipped, “Why is this video 2 hours long? 😍”. Additionally, some of his followers staunchly refused to believe that Kravitz is almost 60 years old, and someone acclaimed that Lenny Kravitz is the only guy who got younger in 20 years.

Over on YouTube, a fan’s emphatic remark about how “This man does not age. PERIOD.” gathered a whopping 4k reactions. Unexpectedly, Lenny Kravitz — the man, the legend himself replied to this fan, modestly saying, “I don’t believe in it, but it takes sacrifice and discipline.”

At present, little is known about the musician’s personal life. He has had relationships with beauties such as Lisa Bonet, Vanessa Paradis, Adriana Lima, and Nicole Kidman. This is not surprising, as even in his almost 60s, the musician looks dazzling and attractive.

However, such a physique is the result of hard work. Kravitz bikes a lot, kayaks, and also exercises 5-6 times a week. Additionally, he follows a vegan diet. In 2022, PETA named him the most beautiful celebrity vegan star.

Many celebrities strive to maintain their good shape through proper nutrition, and some do it for ethical reasons. For instance, Kate Winslet follows a vegetarian diet, while Brad Pitt, like Lenny Kravitz, is a vegan.

Preview photo credit Lenny Kravitz / YouTube


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