Mom and Daughter Get Matching Tattoos, and Their Backstory Is Truly Tear-Jerking

6 months ago

In the midst of the challenges posed by cancer, a poignant narrative unfolds involving Veronica Quintanilla and her daughter. In a display of solidarity and love amidst Veronica’s battle with breast cancer, they opted for matching tattoos on their heads. The tattoo holds a profound significance that adds an extra layer to this touching story.

A mom and daughter from Texas got matching tattoos.

During Veronica Quintanilla’s second battle with breast cancer, her daughter demonstrated unwavering support by shaving her own head. They attended all of Veronica’s medical appointments as a united front. Following Veronica’s completion of the last chemotherapy session, her daughter, Victoria Vargas, proposed a symbolic gesture — getting matching tattoos on their bald heads.

Opting for pink bows as the tattoo design, Veronica expresses a heartfelt desire to avoid experiencing cancer again and losing her hair. As their hair grows back, she intends to keep the tattoos a secret, preserving this intimate bond between mother and daughter.

Veronica Quintanilla revealed that the tattoos bear profound meaning for her and her daughter, designed to remain hidden. Enduring baldness twice due to cancer, she conveyed her resolute decision never to undergo it again.

In her perspective, cancer leaves enduring scars both internally and externally, etching into the soul. These tattoos, adorned with personal significance, serve as a beautiful symbol—a mark she plans to keep concealed permanently.

According to Victoria, the tattoos are akin to a special hidden treasure — an exclusive bond she shares with her mom and a symbol of their resilience.

Quintanilla, a mother of three from El Paso, Texas, chose the larger “mama bow,” while her daughter, Victoria Vargas, opted for the smaller “baby bow.” She elaborated that these tattoos symbolize her two battles against breast cancer and the profound mother-daughter connection they share. Quintanilla underscored how the tattoos stand as a constant reminder of her daughter’s strength and unwavering support during challenging times.

For Vargas, the tattoos embody the notion that, regardless of how difficult a situation may be, maintaining the right mindset can contribute to overcoming it. She perceives the tattoos as a silver lining amid the myriad challenges and numerous doctor appointments.

Veronica Quintanilla conveyed that despite the fact that the tattoos may go unnoticed by the world, she and her daughter will be the sole keepers of their presence. The tattoos carry a unique significance as a shared experience between them. Quintanilla admires her daughter’s strength and takes pride in the support and resilience she demonstrated over the past year.

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