My Husband Married Me for My Money. But My Father’s Death Taught Him a Valuable Lesson

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Imagine this: spending several years together with your partner, having a wedding, and then discovering that they never loved you and were only after money. Our reader Laura found herself in exactly this situation. However, her foresighted father ensured that Laura’s husband didn’t get his hands on that tempting piece.

A woman wrote to us to share her unique family story.

Laura, a 39-year-old woman, started her letter by sharing the recent loss of her father. She continues to grieve deeply, as she had a profound and special connection with him. Her father raised her single-handedly after becoming a widower at just 20 years old when Laura’s mother passed away.

Laura described her father as a highly successful lawyer, often featured in the media and widely recognized as a public figure. His exceptional talent earned him numerous case wins that others deemed impossible, leading to nicknames like “wizard” and “genius” among his peers. Many in the legal profession saw him as a mentor from whom they learned valuable lessons.

His remarkable abilities translated into significant wealth. Laura’s father had a net worth nearing a billion dollars, owning several prominent law firms, extensive properties, and luxury vehicles.

Laura’s dad instilled in her a unique perspective on money and wealth.

Laura’s dad, a single father, was determined to impart strong values to his daughter, particularly a responsible approach to finances. He emphasized modesty and frugality, teaching Laura to never flaunt their wealth despite their privileged status. “I attended a regular school and pursued a legal education without my dad’s intervention. He didn’t even assist me in preparing for entrance exams, insisting that I follow his path and start from the ground up without skipping any steps,” she recounted.

After graduating with honors and securing a position at a small law firm, her father’s pride in her accomplishments was immense. He refused to offer her a job at his larger firms, reiterating that she must forge her own path to success. Laura added, “Despite my father’s fame, I never sought media attention alongside him. His impeccable reputation and talent were solely for his benefit, not mine. I never objected because I understood his intention. He wanted to ensure that my future would rely on my efforts, not on his wealth or influence, after he passed away.”

Laura’s father didn’t appreciate her boyfriend but chose not to interfere.

When Laura started dating Max, a university classmate, her father was skeptical. Their first meeting was intense, with her father bombarding Max with questions and ultimately finding him lacking.

Reflecting on those times, Laura said, “Dad often warned me about Max, calling him lazy and spoiled. He suggested that Max was interested in his fame and wealth from the beginning. But I thought it was just my father being protective. While I appreciated his concern, I didn’t focus too much on his opinions about Max.”

Max never brought up money in his conversations with Laura, which reassured her of his sincerity. They got married a year before her father passed away, and their relationship seemed happy both personally and professionally, as they both pursued their careers with passion and dedication.

Right after Laura’s father’s death, everything took a shocking turn.

When Laura’s father passed away, she was in deep mourning. She recalled a troubling incident involving Max during this difficult period. Laura explained, “Instead of comforting me and offering support, Max immediately brought up my inheritance, asking about how much I would receive after my father’s death.” This question caught her off guard, reminding her of her father’s earlier concerns about Max’s motives and his focus on her family’s wealth.

Laura recounted, “When Max asked about my inheritance, I was stunned and replied with disbelief, saying, ’What inheritance? I’m not getting anything from my father; I’m not even mentioned in his will.’” Max seemed to brush off her words, possibly attributing them to stress or shock after her father’s funeral, assuming she was joking. Laura clarified, “I won’t inherit anything from my father because I’m not his biological daughter. I was adopted a year before my mother passed away, and while my father raised me as his own, he never intended to include me in his will. I’ve known this my whole life.”

Max disappeared immediately upon hearing the news Laura had to deliver.

Laura revealed that once Max discovered she wouldn’t inherit anything from her father, he swiftly initiated divorce proceedings. Approximately a month later, Laura arranged a dinner meeting with Max and a family friend, who happened to be her father’s business partner.

During the dinner, the family friend disclosed the details of Laura’s father’s will to Max. According to the will, if Max remained married to Laura for at least five years following her father’s death, he would be entitled to half of the inheritance, while the remaining half would go to Laura. However, in the event of divorce, Laura would inherit the entirety of her father’s wealth and assets.

Reflecting on the outcome, Laura expressed a sense of fulfillment, stating, “Seeing my ex’s stunned reaction and his inability to respond was deeply satisfying. It felt like my father’s intentions had been realized, and he could now rest assured that I would be fine without that ’lazy, spoiled kid’ in my life.”

This story resonated with our readers. Everyone supported the wise decision of the father.

  • Amazing story, love the turn of event. When you think you know someone, just give them a minute to see their true colors. God helps these days. I’m glad he didn’t get a dime. © Anthonia Otaniyen Arigbe / Facebook
  • Wow! Love this story! I know another real life story like this one. I applaud the daughter for taking the intelligent action. © Mark Rahman / Facebook
  • It’s a huge disappointment to find out that your partner never loved you and was only interested in money. It’s good that your father turned out to be a wise person. In general, I want to say that love should be separate from money. When entering into marriage, it’s okay to make agreements; there’s nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, you never know what will happen in the future. The closest people can turn into bitter enemies who will sue each other over money. © Lucy Hems / Facebook
  • Your ex-husband never loved you for what you are, but for the expected inheritance. He is not worth the share of your new fortune. © Chukwuka Obieze / Facebook
  • He didn’t go for true love which I’m lack lol, he was lucky he got true love but rather unfortunate he went in for money because money rules now. Which I don’t blame him but love first, love conquers the world the most. © Reus Goddard / Facebook

We’re glad Laura’s husband didn’t get what he didn’t deserve. However, disputes over finances are common in almost every family. Here’s a story of a woman who was shocked when her mother-in-law demanded payment for babysitting her grandchild.

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