My Mother-in-Law Wants to Receive Money for Babysitting Her Grandson

10 months ago

Many women struggle with their relationship with their mothers-in-law, and the situation becomes more complicated when children are born into young families. Our reader encountered a difficult situation that disrupted the peace in her family, and she turned to us to hear the opinions of others.

Hey Amy! Thank you for your letter! Your situation is really complicated so we decided to find out what our readers think about it.

  • I believe this wonderful grandma deserves to be paid! Retirement is a great time of freedom and relaxation. If she chooses to give her time to loving childcare and household chores, you’re very blessed, but believe me, living on Social Security is hard! I’m surprised you would even be disturbed by this. © Jan Chapman / Facebook
  • I wouldn’t dream of asking my daughter for payment for looking after my grandkids but I suppose everybody’s circumstances are different. © Catherine Kelly / Facebook
  • My daughter pays me because she knows I live on social security. She’d rather have me, someone who loves and cherishes her children, than a stranger! Pay her! © Amy Monaghan Tackitt / Facebook
  • If you feel that strongly about paying your mother-in-law then find a way to stay home with your child. Try not to let money destroy your relationship. Especially with your husband and child. I do think she should be compensated. Put yourself in her shoes. Compensation would help her to feel like she’s not being taken advantage of. She’s doing several jobs to make both your lives easier. Work it out. It’s not worth harboring and fighting about. I’m sure it’s hard. Your struggle is real to you. © Jacqulyn East / Facebook
  • We pay my mom and give her a bonus and vacation time. She’s amazing with our son. © Sandee Medina / Facebook
  • I babysat my grandson for free for about a year. Due to financial reasons, I told my daughter I had to get a job. I was crying my eyes out as I told her. She and my son-in-law decided they’d rather pay me than someone else, and they wanted me to take care of my grandson. It became a win-win. I got to keep doing what I loved doing and was paid to do it. My price was cheaper than daycare, and they knew my grandson was being well taken care of and loved. © Rhea Witt Campbell / Facebook

We understand Amy’s frustration, but we also acknowledge that it can be tough for her mother-in-law. Taking care of children can be quite an adventure, especially as they grow up.

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I believe she should be compensated, after all she is doing more than a stranger would do and she is a safe choice for your child. She could be doing lots of other things with her time. Have you checked the price of child care today. You don't have to get her up, dressed, fed, and dropped off at a hopefully safe facility. I'd say you have the best deal. Pay the woman!


Just pay her already, I’m sorry and very surprised that you are disturbed by it. You are fortunate to have a family member willing to take care of your small baby… Anyway, in her retirement age your MIL shouldn’t be burdened by childcare, compensate her kindness please…


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