Priyanka Chopra Shared Family Photos From the Trip to India, and People Noticed Troubling Signs in Nick Jonas’ Face

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Recently, 41-year-old Priyanka Chopra and 31-year-old Nick Jonas visited India. While some admire Nick for supporting his wife and respecting her culture and traditions, others have noticed troubling signs in photos and videos.

A family outing to remember.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her husband, Nick Jonas, recently enjoyed a memorable outing with their daughter. The family visited a temple in Ayodhya. At 41, Priyanka continues to embrace both her career and motherhood with grace. She took to her social media to share glimpses of this sweet family trip.

In the photos, she and Nick, 31, are seen guiding their 2-year-old, Malti Marie, through the temple’s grandeur. The journey within the temple’s walls was also shared through a video. Priyanka, adorned in a traditional yellow sari, is seen holding Malti close, as they proceed to seek blessings. Supporting his wife, Nick Jonas also sported Indian attire.

One thing in the photos left fans concerned.

While love and support poured in on Priyanka’s photos, many took the opportunity to express concern. Fans pointed out that Nick appears to be unhappy in them. «Why does Nick look like he’s so over this?» asked a concerned fan. «Nick definitely looks like he doesn’t want to be there,» added another.

«Nick doesn’t look happy,» one wrote. «Nick looks scared,» added another. «Nick looks traumatized!» summed up the other.

But there are some kind commentators who disagree with such negative assessments. «I literally love the way they embraced each other’s lifestyles and cultures. And still standing stronger than most so-called marriages in Hollywood. All these haters were just waiting for them to divorce!» a fan of the couple wrote. «This comment section shows that they are a lot of unloved sad twisted humans in the world! You all can’t just be happy for people now can you?» added another.

What we’re absolutely sure of is that Priyanka Chopra always looks fabulous. Here are 10 style secrets of hers that any woman can use.


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