“She Looks 90,” Catherine O’Hara’s Makeup-Free Video Draws Harsh Criticism Over “Aging Badly”

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In a time when social media amplifies every facet of celebrity existence, Catherine O’Hara’s recent video sans makeup has stirred a whirlwind of opinions. The cherished actress, celebrated for her enduring grace, boldly unveiled a peek into her unadorned self, prompting a mixed reaction.

Unfortunately, the video garnered some hurtful comments.

Brian Baumgartner, famed for his role as Kevin Malone in The Office, recently posted a playful video on Instagram featuring Catherine. They recreated a memorable moment from Home Alone, where she jovially shouts “Kevin!”

Despite the jovial tone of the post, the comments it received were regrettably unkind, with statements such as “She looks 90” and “She didn’t age well.” These remarks, including comparisons to a “scary filter” and aging akin to a banana, underscored the unfortunate prevalence of negativity online.

Nevertheless, Baumgartner and Catherine’s playful video stands as a testament to the potency of humor in addressing criticism and fostering positivity.

Fans rallied to support Catherine.

In the face of the onslaught of negative comments on Brian Baumgartner’s Instagram post featuring Catherine, fans quickly rushed to her defense with a surge of positivity. One fan astutely noted, “Y’all, she was 36 IN 1990!!? Of course, after 34 years she’s gonna look old, she’s SEVENTY,” providing a much-needed perspective on the passage of time.

Another admirer passionately argued, “Not everyone wants a face full of plastic and fillers,” applauding Catherine’s refusal to succumb to societal pressures of eternal youth. Similarly, a supportive comment celebrated her authenticity, stating, “Finally a lady who doesn’t ruin her face with fillers and Botox. So human!❤️”

These responses not only pushed back against the negativity but also highlighted the beauty of aging gracefully and authentically. As one fan aptly pointed out, “For reference: Home Alone was filmed 34 years ago. ’She didn’t age well.’ Ummm..... She’s 70, so,” effectively shutting down any unwarranted criticism of Catherine’s appearance.

In our other article, we once again reminded you that people can look completely different at the same age, giving the example of celebrity peers.


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