Shelter Cat Became Unrecognizable after Finding a Happy Home Despite Sad Past

4 months ago

Fishtopher, the 5-year-old rescue cat from New Jersey, wears his heart on his sleeve. Unlike some animals that conceal their emotions, Fishtopher’s mood is often evident from his facial expression. During his stay at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, Fishtopher appeared gloomy, conveying his unhappiness about being a stray.

Although Fishtopher appreciated the care he received from the shelter staff, he yearned for a permanent home with a loving family.

Loneliness was evident in Fishtopher from the moment he arrived at the shelter. He only ate when the staff came by his crate, and he longed for individual attention. Although the Homeward Bound staff adored him, they recognized that he deserved a permanent family.

To showcase his unique qualities, they created a Petfinder profile that described him as “friendly, affectionate, gentle, quiet, and a couch potato.” The profile went on to say that Fishtopher was a sweet, relaxed cat who loved to cuddle in people’s arms as it made him feel secure.

Following the publication of his profile, a Twitter user named Molly Clarke posted a screenshot of Fishtopher’s description, accompanied by a photo of his cute yet devastated expression.

Molly Clarke’s tweet spread rapidly, resulting in an influx of adoption inquiries for Fishtopher at Homeward Bound.

Among the many hopeful adopters were Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan, who saw the tweet and felt that Fishtopher was destined to become a part of their family. They traveled two hours to the shelter and, before long, Fishtopher was officially theirs.

Folts and Callahan noticed an immediate change in Fishtopher’s behavior after taking him home.

The once-downcast cat’s eyes suddenly widened, brimming with curiosity. His ears, which were previously flattened, perked up as he began to absorb all the new sounds around him, from the rustling of a treat bag to the sound of his new parents’ kisses. Most notably, Fishtopher experienced silence for the first time, a welcome change from the noisy shelter environment.

Fishtopher swiftly adapted to his new life and now relishes every moment spent alongside his loving adoptive parents. Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan are smitten with the little guy and cannot get enough of his charming, cheerful demeanor.

At long last, the once-shelter cat is living the life he always deserved.

This wholesome transformation can get anyone in tears. Though the difference here is amazing, sometimes the pets that never were in a shelter change dramatically, too: they simply grow up. And sometimes it is hard to believe just how gigantic they might get.


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