“She’s Still a Child!” People Criticize Jessica Simpson for How She Lets Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Dress Up

10 months ago

Renowned celebrity Jessica Simpson recently posted some adorable photos of herself with her 11-year-old kid. Both the singer and her daughter were elegantly dressed, showcasing their stylish attire. However, social media users expressed contrasting opinions about their clothing choices, and in the comments, some were unreservedly critical, even resorting to insults directed at Jessica and her kid.

In recent years, Jessica Simpson has garnered considerable attention for her remarkable 100-pound (45 kg) weight loss transformation. While she may be content with her body, this serves as yet another example of how the media has long fixated on Simpson’s weight throughout her career.

As the media’s gaze remained fixed on her weight, the singer became a subject of public scrutiny, receiving both positive and negative opinions, especially regarding her own appearance and that of her loved ones.

Having made California her home for many years, it’s also where she welcomed her three children with Eric Johnson: Maxwell Drew, aged 11, Ace Knute, aged 9, and Birdie Mae, aged 4. Maxwell, in particular, bears the strongest resemblance to the celebrity, sharing her mother’s blonde hair and being the eldest among Simpson’s children.

Speaking of her daughter, Jessica recently shared an endearing moment with her on social media. The picture captures them taking a mirror selfie while dressed stylishly. However, despite Jessica’s innocent intentions behind sharing the photos, the response wasn’t as she expected. Instead, people used the comment section to criticize her parenting choices.

Some individuals commented, saying, “I’m sorry, but that’s not a good look for an 11-year-old. The problem is these girls want their daughters as their best friends, and it doesn’t work that way,” or, “Not a good look for an 11-year-old child!”. Others focused on the girl’s age, noting, “11 is still a child!!”

One user questioned, “Who let their 11-year-old child out of the house dressed like that??” and added, “Tying to be her minor daughter’s friend instead of being a responsible parent.”

Fans and the public have engaged in animated discussions about Maxwell’s clothing and makeup choices, particularly her short corset-style top. Some admirers express surprise and concern regarding Jessica’s parenting decisions, while others view it as a matter of personal taste and self-expression.

Despite the diversity of opinions, we believe that both Jessica and her daughter look stunning in the pictures. People will inevitably form judgments, but what truly counts is the display of affection for our loved ones and protecting them from hurtful comments. We are confident that Jessica has done just that for her child.

Jessica Simpson isn’t the only celebrity parent who has faced criticism from internet users regarding her daughter’s choice of outfit. More recently, the slip dress worn by David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter has ignited intense debates.


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