The 10 Most Scientifically Beautiful Women

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Beauty is a subjective concept, as each person’s appearance has its own unique features. However, a renowned plastic surgeon has uncovered the formula of beauty and managed to calculate the most beautiful famous women from a scientific standpoint.

How to measure beauty mathematically

To determine if a face has perfect proportions, you need to measure its length and width, then divide the length by the width. If the result is 1.62, also known as the Phi number, the face is considered perfect.

Additionally, other measurements should be considered: the distance from the bottom of the chin to the tip of the nose, the distance from the tip of the nose to the point between the eyes, and the distance from that point to the forehead hairline. If these three measurements are equal, the person is generally regarded as beautiful.

Other distances can also be measured, aiming for the Phi number:

  • Divide the width of the lips by their length.
  • Divide the length of the nose by its width.

Additionally, there are other important aspects to consider. The length of the ear should match the length of the nose, and the width of an eye should be the same as the distance between the eyes.

Dr. De Silva has compiled a list of well-known women whose faces closely approach perfection. To simplify understanding, their beauty was evaluated using a 100-point scale.

10th place — Natalie Portman

Overall result: 90.51

Dr. Julian De Silva pointed out that Natalie’s brow area was a drawback. “Natalie has ideally placed eyes but received a low score for her brow area,” the surgeon remarked.

9th place — Scarlett Johansson

Jean_Nelson /

Overall result: 90.91

Dr. De Silva noted: “She received the top score (99.99) for the placement of her eyes but was disadvantaged by her facial shape and thin eyebrows.”

8th place — Kate Moss

East News

Overall result: 91.05

Kate Moss received high marks for her forehead and eyebrows. The surgeon remarked: “Kate earned the second-highest score for her eyebrows and one of the top scores for her eye spacing, but her chin was her downfall.”

7th place — Taylor Swift

Overall result: 91.64

“Taylor received excellent marks for her chin and lips, but her eyebrows scored low,” Dr. De Silva noted.

6th place — Ariana Grande

Overall result: 91.81

Dr. De Silva noted that Ariana received high scores for her forehead and chin. However, she was marked down for her eyebrows and the slightly larger than average gap between the top of her lips and her nose.

5th place — Amber Heard


Overall result: 91.85

Amber’s nose and chin shape contributed significantly to her ranking as third on the list. Dr. De Silva noted that Amber possesses a timeless beauty.

4th place — Beyoncé

Overall result: 92.44

Beyoncé received excellent scores for her forehead and brow area. Dr. De Silva noted her flawless face shape but indicated lower marks for her eyebrows and chin.

3rd place — Bella Hadid

AFP/EAST NEWS, 0000292/Reporter/ East News

Overall result: 94.35

According to Dr. De Silva, Bella boasts remarkable facial symmetry and nearly perfect chin positioning, only 0.3% away from perfection. Additionally, she ranked second for her eye positioning. However, her main drawback lies in the brow area.

2nd place — Zendaya

Overall result: 94.37

With a slight margin, Zendaya claimed the second place, as her face was deemed 94.37% perfect.

1st place — Jodie Comer

Overall result: 94.52

The winner became the British actress Jodie Comer, with her facial proportions being the closest to perfection, with a correspondence coefficient of 94.52%.

Here are the women whose figures are considered the most attractive from a scientific perspective.

Preview photo credit Jean_Nelson /, 0000292/Reporter/ East News, Jodie Comer / Instagram


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