The Truth Behind 10 Common Movie Myths

3 months ago

Myths are a common feature in movies, but it can be difficult to accept that reality may differ from what is depicted on screen. In this article, we aim to debunk some of the most persistent movie myths that have migrated from one film to another and have frustrated many viewers.

1. The sun is not yellow.

Sometimes, movie creators avoid depicting things that differ from common beliefs. For instance, the sun appears yellow to us due to atmospheric distortion, but in reality, it is white — unless you are a character in a movie. In films, the sun is always portrayed as yellow, even when the characters are in space.

2. Walking through a jungle is similar to strolling in a park.

Actors may appear beautiful while walking through jungles in movies, but in reality, seasoned hikers find the experience rather brutal.

The humidity is so intense that it drenches you to the bone, and there’s no escaping it. Being under a jungle canopy is like being in a pressure cooker. The heat and humidity can wear you down harder than any other environment. In addition, numerous biting insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, and fire ants can cause discomfort and irritation.

3. Secret agents enjoy luxurious lifestyles.

Popular films, such as those featuring James Bond or the Mission Impossible series, often portray secret agents as wealthy individuals who can purchase anything they desire, drive expensive cars, and do not attempt to blend in with the crowd. However, in reality, the opposite is true, as secret agents must appear like ordinary people and remain inconspicuous.

4. You can prevent someone from falling by holding their hand.

In blockbuster movies, characters often save someone from falling by grabbing their hand at the last moment. However, in real life, this could result in serious injuries or even be fatal for both parties involved.

5. Female spies look like top models.

In films, female spies are often depicted as supermodels, wearing beautiful dresses and having impeccable hairdos. This portrayal of female secret agents may have been inspired by Mata Hari and has been perpetuated by filmmakers ever since.

6. The water that comes from sprinkler systems is clear.

Fire alarm scenes and sprinkler systems filling rooms with water are common in thrillers. However, according to internet users, the water should be dirty and have a bad smell. Movie characters often don’t react, as if they’re caught in a summer rain — and their clothes remain clean.

7. All frogs make a ribbit sound.

In Hollywood movies, all frogs sound the same with their characteristic ’ribbit’ sound. However, in reality, different species of frogs can produce a variety of sounds such as chirping, croaking, barking, and even hooting.

Early sound designers often recorded the sounds of the environment from the ponds in California for convenience. Over time, the ’ribbit’ sound became so ubiquitous in movies that many people began to believe that all frogs around the world make this sound.

8. Back scabbards are common.

In The Witcher series and many other medieval movies, heroes often wear back scabbards. However, in reality, this is impractical because it is easy to accidentally stab oneself in the shoulder while trying to resheath a sharp object.

9. Light clothing is suitable for the desert.

In The Mummy, Evelyn prepares to cross the desert on a camel and wears clothes made from light, see-through fabrics. However, such outfits are unsuitable for desert conditions. Strangely, her companions do not comment on this. In reality, Evelyn should have chosen clothes made from breathable, natural fabrics, such as a wide-brimmed hat, a scarf, and sunglasses that absorb moisture and dry quickly.

10. Gladiators were not athletes.

Studies of gladiators’ remains found in a mass grave indicate that they had a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. This led scientists to assume that the gladiators consumed very little animal protein and that their diet was rich in carbohydrates, which they obtained through legumes and grains. This explains the nickname of Ancient Roman warriors as ’barley eaters.’

However, this does not imply that authorities were trying to save money when feeding warriors. It can be assumed that gladiators were fed a plant-based diet to increase their stamina and resistance in the conditions they lived in. It can be assumed that gladiators were fed a plant-based diet to increase their stamina and resistance in the conditions they lived in. Specifically, they were given carbohydrates to improve their endurance. To compensate for their calcium deficiency, they consumed a plant ash-based drink.

We’ve debunked some popular movie myths, but did you ever wonder if what characters wear is historically accurate? Next time, we’ll peek behind the curtain and explore 12 costume mistakes in movies that even eagle-eyed viewers might miss!


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