Vera Wang, 74, Proved She Can Give a Head Start To Any Starlet and Appeared In a Daring Outfit

8 months ago

With every passing year, Vera Wang’s fans grow increasingly convinced of her apparent immortality, as she defies the aging process with seemingly effortless grace. Despite being 74, she exudes a youthful aura that easily shaves off at least a decade from her actual age. Recently, her captivating presence at a star-studded gala in New York City left attendees mesmerized, with her stunning attire and timeless elegance stealing the spotlight.

A daring fashion statement.

Andy Kropa / Invision / AP / East News

At a star-studded event, all eyes were on Vera as she flaunted her very toned figure in a daring black bralette top. She paired it with a black maxi skirt and long gloves. “I’ve devoted my whole life to dressing women and styling women. From my years at Vogue magazine, I was an editor for 17 years, to working for Ralph Lauren, designing for my own company, my whole life has been about empowering women,” she responded when asked if she has gotten more confident with age.

Vera’s fans can’t help but admire her. Among all the positive comments, one wrote down “Ageless you are such a positive role model!”

Vera Wang’s two cents on aging.

Vera Wang is known for her graceful aging, but she doesn’t dwell on it. She believes that as people age, it’s natural to be more concerned about physical abilities than appearances. “I think what happens sometimes as you age... I’m more frightened about physical disabilities... not all this. I’m not totally preoccupied with how I look. I love my work, and I’m very passionate about my work, my friends, my daughters,” the fashionista admitted.

Her routine allows her to stay ageless.

Vera Wang’s beauty secrets are not that casual we used to think. First thing she mentioned was: “I think work keeps you young and stimulated. I work very long hours, I’ve raised two daughters. I think keeping busy is the best antidote [for] good health.”

“You know I’ve been asked, ’What are my secrets?’ And I’ve got to be really honest, one of them is sleep,” she added.

Sport is also a crucial thing that helps her stay fit. A glimpse at her Instagram feed reveals Vera Wang’s passion for different kind of sports — tennis, cycling, golf. It’s no surprise that her dedication to physical activity contributes to her enviable appearance.

Age does not define a woman’s allure. Countless celebrities and ordinary women alike continue to exude stunning elegance, proving that beauty transcends the confines of age.

Preview photo credit verawang / Instagram


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