What 12 Actors From “The Pacifier” Look Like 16 Years Later (and a Few Fun Facts About the Movie)

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When we think of Disney, hundreds of cartoons we watched growing up usually come to mind. However, this production company has also been responsible for several movies that starred flesh and blood people, such as The Pacifier, with Vin Diesel in the lead role. Believe it or not, it’s been more than 16 years since the release of this movie and it’s always worth taking a look to see how its actors have changed.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we’ve taken a look at the careers of their cast and bring you a before and after look at their physical changes.

1. Vin Diesel (Lt. Shane Wolfe)

Mark Sinclair Vincent, better known as Vin Diesel, stars this movie. His career as an actor and film producer began in the early ’90s, with movies such as Awakenings and Saving Private Ryan, but his success undoubtedly came with the role of Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious saga. After this movie, Vin Diesel has continued his prolific career with great success in films such as Riddick and xXx. He will soon appear in the tenth Fast and Furious installment.

2. Lauren Graham (Claire Fletcher)

This American actress and writer had already appeared on our screens in movies such as Sweet November and Bad Santa when she played Claire in The Pacifier. Lauren continued her movie career in movies such as The Answer Man and Max, although she has been mainly dedicated to the world of television, with well-known series like Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. Currently, we can see her in the show The Mighty Ducks.

3. Brittany Snow (Zoe Plummer)

Brittany had already played some sporadic roles before being part of this production, but it was undoubtedly her character of Zoe Plummer that made her breakthrough in the world of acting. This actress and model has appeared in movies such as Hairspray and Pitch Perfect and, more recently, in the TV series Almost Family.

4. Max Thieriot (Seth Plummer)

Max Thieriot became known in the movie Catch That Kid, in which he appeared alongside Kristen Stewart. After becoming a good but rebellious young man for The Pacifier, he has participated in other feature films such as Chloe and Foreverland and in television series such as Bates Motel. Since 2017, we can see him on the small screen in SEAL Team.

5. Morgan York (Lulu Plummer)

The brave little girl in the movie was named Lulu, and was played by Morgan York. Her first movie appearance was in the family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen and, after becoming Lulu, she participated in the sequel of the same movie and in the television series Hannah Montana. At present, Morgan is more dedicated to her work as a writer and seems to have left acting aside.

6. Faith Ford (Julie Plummer)

Although the career of this actress has developed mainly on the small screen, Faith Ford was already known for having appeared in movies such as North and Beethoven 5 and in series such as Beverly Hills, 90210. The actress has not left the medium and her most recent appearance was in the series Murphy Brown.

“Faith Ford at the Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 5, 2018. Beverly Hills, California”.

7. Chris Potter (Cpt. Bill Fawcett)

Chris Potter has a decades-long acting career, most notably in television series such as X-Men and Kung Fu. After his participation in The Pacifier as one of the villains, he returned to the small screen with One Tree Hill and Superstorm. Currently, and since 2007, we can see him playing Tim Flaming in the series Heartland.

8. Carol Kane (Helga)

Carol Kane’s career began in the early 1970s with the movie Desperate Characters, and she hasn’t stopped since. The actress appeared in such well-known and popular movies such as Annie Hall, The Princess Bride, and The Addams Family 2.

After becoming the Palmer’s nanny in the film starring Vin Diesel, Carol has dedicated herself to dubbing in Dora, the Explorer and Kung Fu Panda, as well as acting in series such as Gotham, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Hunters, and in feature films such as Addiction: A 60’s Love Story and Ava’s Possessions.

“Carol Kane at the premiere of Hunters, at the DGA Theatre on February 19, 2020. Los Angeles, California”.

9. Brad Garrett (Subdirector Dwayne Murney)

Brad Garrett is an actor and comedian who had a great track record as a voice-over artist and actor before becoming the insufferable assistant manager in The Pacifier. Subsequently, Brad became Robert Barone for the series Everybody Loves Raymond, Joe Bulo in the movie Fargo, and Chris Riley in Music and Lyrics, as well as the voice of Gusteau in Ratatouille and Obelix in Asterix and the Vikings. His most recent appearance has been in the television series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, as Benny Berman.

10. Tate Donovan (Howard Plummer)

Canadian actor Tate Donovan got his start in acting as a teenager with his work in the movie No Small Affair, in which he shared the screen with Demi Moore and Jon Cryer. His appearance as the father of the Plummer children in the movie The Pacifier was fleeting, but it was not his last. Since then, Tate was part of the cast of the series The O.C. and the movie Argo, among many other productions. To date, this actor continues his career and we could already see him in the film Respect.

11. Denis Akiyama (Mr. Chun)

Mr. Chun, another of the movie’s villains, was played by Denis Akiyama. This actor began his career in the mid-80s with the TV series For the Record, and has played a large number of different roles in television, movies, and as a voice actor. His resume includes appearances in movies such as Resident Evil 4 and Pixels, and in series such as Mayday and Carter.

12. Mung-Ling Tsui (Mrs. Chun)

The Hong Kong actress Mung-Ling Tsui played Ms. Chun in this movie. Up to this point, although she had a long career, her appearances had been mostly in TV series such as Queer as Folk, Playmakers, and Doc, among others, and in small screen films. Mung-Ling continues to act in series such as Burden of Truth and in her most recent movie, Dancing Through the Shadow.

Bonus: Behind-the-scenes fun facts

  • The scene where little Lulu tells Shane that she thinks he’s cute is based on the real-life situation that occurred when actress Morgan York met Vin Diesel.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis were considered for the role of Shane Wolfe.
  • The scenes in which Shane teaches Zoey how to drive pays homage to Vin Diesel’s role as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious (2001).
  • For almost half of the movie, Seth wears a wig. The character dyes his hair blond, but in reality Seth’s natural hair color was blond at the time.
  • When Shane is in Peter’s room, and before Lulu enters, there are blocks of letters on the floor that read “One Race.” One Race is the production company owned by Vin Diesel.
  • They had to put a little red light in Vin Diesel’s ear to get the duck to bite it.
  • To shoot the first scene of the movie, which features an “ocean”, they used a very, very large swimming pool.
  • This was the first Disney movie to feature Vin Diesel.

Which movie scene did you find most iconic? Which movie starring Vin Diesel do you like the most and why?


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