Woman Had Over 43 Procedures to Look Like Barbie and People Call Her a ’Zombie’

year ago

Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old from Baghdad, has dedicated a significant amount of resources to undergoing a remarkable transformation in order to resemble the iconic Barbie doll. Her stunning appearance, complete with blonde hair and a glamorous style, has earned her the nickname “Iraqi Barbie”. Curious about how Dalia navigates her newfound fame and handles the inevitable criticism, we sought to learn more about her journey and the determination that drives her towards her dream.

People were stunned when they saw her new face.

Dalia Naeem, 29, has always dreamt of looking like an embodiment of the iconic doll. It’s believed she’s undergone 43 cosmetic procedures to copy Barbie’s look. Dalia is a presenter and actress in her home country of Iraq, and she shares snaps of her face on Instagram, showing off her most recent enhancements.

With an Instagram following exceeding 999,000, Dalia has garnered widespread attention for the incredible evolution she has undergone since embarking on her transformation journey. Comparing her current appearance to her past self, it’s hard to believe they are the same person.

Dalia consistently expresses her gratitude towards the individuals who have played a crucial role in helping her achieve her desired look. She generously praises her talented beautician, acknowledging their skill by saying, “Your make-up is Barbie.”

She put in a lot of effort to achieve her goal.

Dalia’s procedures include lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery. As a result of her persistence, she is now getting closer to her dream of looking just like Barbie.

But people’s opinions about her hard work on herself are controversial. Not everybody seems to be sure about her look.

Dalia’s unique journey has garnered criticism from some of her followers, who refer to her as a zombie. At the same time, she is also met with a great deal of support from those who champion her independence and pursuit of her own aspirations. In the comments section, men affectionately refer to her as “a beautiful rose,” while others express their admiration for her striking appearance.

Despite the negative opinions she encounters, Dalia remains unfazed by the criticism. Currently unable to undergo further surgeries in Australia, she is actively exploring reputable international clinics that can continue assisting her in achieving her desired look and nurturing her happiness along the path to her dream.

And let’s not forget about Patrick, a man who spent thousands to look like a doll. Or the human Ken doll who spent about $1 million for his procedures.


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