16 People Who Boosted Their Image With Plastic Surgery

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If you’re considering plastic surgery, you may be wondering what motivates people to undergo such procedures. Some individuals may feel self-conscious about a certain aspect of their appearance and wish to enhance or change it. Others may view plastic surgery as an opportunity to boost their self-confidence and feel better about themselves. Regardless of the reasons, plastic surgery shouldn’t be stigmatized, as it can offer numerous benefits beyond simply conforming to societal standards. From improving self-esteem to enhancing one’s physical appearance, plastic surgery can be a powerful tool for achieving personal growth and happiness.

1. “My upper jaw was moved 3 mm forward and it pushed my lip out more which I am so grateful for.”

2. “Before and after my jaw, mouth, chin and nose cosmetic surgeries, one year apart”

3. “I was really insecure about my nose and eye-shape, and if I had known it would change my life so dramatically, I would’ve done it much earlier.”

4. “Rhinoplasty before/after, 10 days post-op.”

5. “Rhinoplasty — 3 weeks post-op.”

6. “I had really large polyps in both of my nostrils that prevented any airflow in both sides of my nose and at best, allowed air only through my left nostril.”

7. “I’M SORRY BUT WHO IS SHE?!! Before vs 6 weeks after DJS!”

8. “Before and after — chin implant, liposuction, and also losing a bit of weight in the process.”

9. “Rhinoplasty was probably the best decision of my life.”

10. “Lower jaw surgery 5 months post op.”

11. “Before and 12 weeks after my chin liposuction”

12. “10 weeks post op septorhinoplasty.”

13. The difference a jaw surgery and a nose job can make!

14. “Update: 6 months post-op.”

15. 2017 vs 2020

16. “Before & after: Double-jaw surgery & rhinoplasty.”

Preview photo credit felrifai96 / Reddit


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