Meet Patrick, Who Spent $73,000 on Surgery to Look Like a Doll

year ago

Patrick Mast made headlines for their unique approach to self-expression through cosmetic procedures. Spending $73,000 on Botox, fillers, and surgery to achieve a doll-like appearance, Patrick has become known for their bleach-blonde hair, long lashes, and full lips, often mistaken for a woman. However, Patrick has made it clear that they don’t identify as female and revealed the true reason why they will not stop getting cosmetic surgery.

They want to look like a doll.

What’s genuinely captivating about Patrick’s unique self-expression is their exclusive pursuit of what they refer to as the “plastic aesthetic.” With an astounding expenditure of $73,000 on cosmetic treatments, Patrick’s journey began at the age of 18.

They candidly revealed their inclination towards a more feminine appearance, highlighting that their natural features already possessed a considerable feminine charm. Patrick enthusiastically expressed their adoration for the doll-like look, embodying their personal affinity for it.

Patrick doesn’t want to change their gender.

Patrick explicitly stated their distinct intention of not desiring a gender change, setting them apart from others who may pursue a similar appearance for that purpose. “It is easier for me to adapt to a female face because my natural features weren’t very masculine,” they explained.

It’s noteworthy that Patrick’s journey began at the age of 18 and has since involved regular monthly filler treatments in different facial areas such as lips, chin, under-eye, and cheeks, alongside Botox administered every three months.

And Patrick has no plans to stop getting surgery.

Throughout their journey, Patrick has invested a substantial £45,500 in Botox and an array of cosmetic treatments. In addition to fillers and Botox, they have opted for rhinoplasty and facelift. Patrick openly expressed their adoration for what they affectionately refer to as the “plastic look.”

Their ultimate aspiration lies in attaining a flawlessly symmetrical appearance reminiscent of a doll. They find inspiration in the perfection that dolls embody, constantly striving to enhance their own features to emulate that aesthetic. It’s fascinating to witness how individuals draw inspiration from diverse sources to shape their unique style and appearance.

“I like the look because it shows other people that I take care of myself a lot, and I am a perfectionist. I have spent a lot of money on surgery and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

The allure of the “plastic look” extends beyond aesthetics for Patrick. They appreciate how this appearance serves as a visual representation of their meticulous self-care and perfectionist nature.

By going all-in on surgical procedures, Patrick proves their unwavering commitment to achieving their dream look. While some people might brush it off, others know that surgery can be a game-changer for boosting appearance and confidence. It’s all about embracing different paths to feel amazing in one’s own skin.


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