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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Talented People Whose Creations Left Us Stunned

Fine craftmanship is a hard gem to find. However, Reddit users keep proving us how insanely gifted they are. Their works are not only gorgeous but also extremely innovative and unique. Whether they sewed them or carved them from wood, it’s easy to fall in love with these products.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up a few magnificent artworks from folks with never-ending imagination and determination.

1. “Typically, I make cedar-strip boats, but this time I skipped the wood and went straight for clear fiberglass.”

2. “My koi pond with duckweed I hand-embroidered.”

3. “I just sacrificed 20 sewing machine needles for this outfit.”

4. “Just finished this desklight with a flower pot holder. It was designed to illuminate a houseplant.”

5. “I made a stained glass rainbow treasure chest.”

6. “Finally finished this elephant piece burned on a piece of basswood.”

7. “I created a mask.”

8. “My handmade beach coasters. I love how they’ve turned out.”

9. “A labradorite necklace I made by crocheting with wire.”

10. “I folded this dragon from one square, uncut sheet of paper.”

11. “A coffee table I made that glows at night.”

12. “Half-dyed tees that connect together.”

13. “I made this from nails and thread only.”

14. “Origami lamp I made with 360 pieces of paper.”

15. “I crocheted a parasol and attached umbrella frames to it.”

Would you describe yourself as a creative person? Do you follow any artists on social media whose work could be featured in these compilations?

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