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12 Celebrities Whose Similarities With Their Siblings Are Uncanny

Genetics are something very complicated, where in some cases siblings look identical and in some other cases they look completely different. Of course they have similarities with their parents, but they hardly look like one another. However, this isn’t the case with these celebrities, who resemble so much to each other that you could easily confuse them on the street.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has found 13 famous people’s siblings who look like two drops from the same fountain.

1. Penélope and Mónica Cruz

2. Jamie-Lynn and Britney Spears

3. Austin and Taylor Swift

4. Rumer and Scout Willis

5. Rami and Sami Malek

6. Alex and Emma Watson

7. Lynda and Jennifer Lopez

8. Hennessy Carolina and Cardi B

9. Lady Gaga and Natali Germanotta

10. Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg

11. Chris and Scott Evans

12. Pippa and Kate Middleton

Do you and your siblings have so many similarities? If so, has anyone ever confused you for each other?

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