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15 Brides Who Found a Unique Way to Spice Up Their Wedding

Weddings are usually done in traditional fashion based on what each country has set as their usual practices. However, as years go by many couples choose to differentiate their special day from what other couples do. Either they choose a more unique venue or they opt for more interesting outfits or they even ask their guests to wear specific colors.

Now I’ve Seen Everything saw these unique wedding choices and we thought they brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional ceremonies.

“Stop, wait a minute...Is that a jumpsuit I see? Why, yes it is.”

“We had the desert wedding of our dreams.”

“Wasn’t feeling confident about my dress initially, but I’m loving the final look! Also, the second picture is my Thai wedding dress.”

“What do you think of my Lego centerpieces?”

“I was going to get married in a suit, but thanks to advice from people online, I came to my wedding like this!”

“I practiced making a flower crown from our garden but want to make it a lot fuller for the real thing!”

“Making my own steampunk wedding dress and was trying to figure out the bustle. It’s going to be in green silk!”

“We got married yesterday. Just us two.”

“This is our alternative wedding and my look with the details I made myself.”

“My homemade bouquet using wooden flowers! I painted them and used them as a wedding bouquet.”

“We got married at the place we had our first date. My dress was a prom dress I got at the same mall the restaurant is in!”

“I found the perfect dress, already in my size, at a thrift store for $55!”

“I decided it would be fun to make my own invitations. These are made from old greeting cards, and they are so unique!”

“I’m doing my own hair for my wedding.”

“Wedding came in around 5-$6000, my wonderful dress maker helped me stay in budget, but have the dress of my dreams.”

Have you ever seen a bride or a groom dressed in non-traditional wedding attire and if so what did they choose for their special day?

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