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15+ Celeb Stunt Doubles That Are So Awesome the Whole World Has to See Them

When we watch a film, we rarely think about the work of stunt doubles. And the viewers don’t usually see the faces of stunt doubles. But in fact, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy good movies. Besides, they are just as attractive as their famous counterparts.

Tom Hardy and his stunt double Jacob Tomuri look incredibly similar on the set of Mad Max.

The stunt double of Gaten Matarazzo in Stranger Things was Chris Nado.

The stunt double for Chandler Riggs in The Walking Dead was 31-year-old actress Emily Brobst. Riggs was just 14 at the time.

German actress Palina Rojinski with her stunt double on the set of Traumfrauen.

0000001 / Reporter / East News

The stunt doubles of Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — Pat Banta and Colin Follenweider.

Brad Pitt and his stunt double Zack Duhame on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

APEX / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Zoë Bell was Halle Berry’s stunt double in the 2004 Catwoman.

© Catwoman / Warner Bros., Todd Williamson / Invision / AP / East News

Heidi Moneymaker did the stunts for Scarlett Johansson in the superhero movies where the actress played Black Widow.

© Captain America: Civil War / Marvel Studios, FayesVision / / agefotostock / East News

Chad Stahelski was Keanu Reeves’ stunt double in The Matrix movies. In 2014, they met again on the set of John Wick, but Stahelski was the director.

ROBYN BECK / AFP / East News, J / East News

Actress and stunt double Anisha Gibbs, who almost always works with Halle Berry

Instagram / Sipa USA / East News

Even though Daniel Craig loves doing stunts by himself, he sometimes needs help. In Spectre, Gordon Alexander replaced him in the very dangerous scenes.

Finn Jones, accompanied by David Armstrong on the set of Iron Fist

JP, PacificCoastNews / East News

Australian actress Abbie Cornish (left) and stunt double Shawnna Thibodeau on the set of Limitless

Craig’s partner, Léa Seydoux, also had a stunt double, actress Gemita Samarra

Many women consider Chris Hemsworth an attractive actor. What would they say about his stunt double (far right) in Thor: Ragnarok, Bob Hunton?

Catherine Bell was the stunt double for Isabella Rossellini’s “nude” scenes in Death Becomes Her.

© Death Becomes Her / Universal Pictures, Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / East News

The Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner’s husband confused her for her stunt double Laura Butler. We’re not surprised.

Here’s another duo from the set of Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke and Rosie Mac.

Even though the stunt doubles in our article are really attractive, everyone is different, and they have different tastes. Maybe you have something to say about someone in this article. We look forward to your comments.

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