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15 Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Off Their Body Hair

Celebrities are expected to look flawless at all times, but they are people like everyone else and have body hair, too. Those of them who ignore stiff outdated beauty standards that tell us that women aren’t supposed to have any body hair, pave the way for us all to accept our bodies more and embrace natural beauty.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are all for such progressive views so we’d like to share some pics of celebrities showing off their natural looks.

1. Emma Corrin

  • “How I present myself, what I do with my makeup, my body hair, my hair, or anything aesthetically, will always be dictated by what I feel and nothing external.”
  • “I haven’t done it before because I’ve been in a relationship and I guess I had been programmed to think that I should probably shave for the benefit of both parties. But I don’t really want to shave! I realized, ‘Why did I ever bother?’ It’s been quite an underwhelming realization, there’s no drama in it. It’s just there. I’m hoping it’s on the path to becoming normal and it never has to be a thing you notice.”

2. Emily Ratajkowski

3. Mo’Nique

4. Sophia Loren

5. Mayim Bialik

  • “The decision was made in early adolescence, maybe when I was 14 and all the girls in my school — none of whom had any hair on their bodies — started shaving because it was ’grown-up.’ Whatever. Seemed like a waste of time, a conformity that disgusted me (I was a feisty feminist, even at 14).”
  • “As for my legs, having never shaved, it’s not an unbearable level of fuzziness. And I am fair, so the hair is very pale and thin, but you can see it for sure if you look close, especially when my legs are wet (like after a bath).”
  • “My son knows I have body hair just like he knows my husband does. It’s normal and natural to have body hair. Mammals have really fascinating patterns of body hair and I explain to him that body hair traps pheromones, and body hair keeps glands protected, and it highlights ‘special’ parts of the body that hold pheromones and glands. Those parts are responsible for helping reproductive behaviors.”

6. Julia Roberts

7. Julia Michaels

8. Alyssa Milano

9. Drew Barrymore

10. Ashley Graham

11. Lisa Bonet

12. Miley Cyrus

13. Madonna

14. Emma Watson

15. Cara Delevingne

  • Cara Delevingne posted this pic on her Instagram and wrote, “I never thought I would need armpit hair again after getting laser... I was wrong. Introducing ARMPIT WIGS!” The 29-year-old model and actress put on extra hair for the movie Her Smell and didn’t feel like hiding it from the world.

How often do you shave? Do you spend a lot of time or money doing it? Are there any areas of your body you prefer not to shave?

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