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15 People Who Started to Embrace Their Beautiful Curls and Never Touched a Hair Straightener Again

The first hair straightener was invented over a hundred years ago, in 1909. Ever since then people had the opportunity to get rid of their curls and wear their hair straight. However, if someone is using the device too often or without the necessary heat protection, the hair might get damaged. Our today’s heroes decided to forgo straightening hair and embraced their natural curls.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered their progress pics to see the results.

1. “Avoided straightening my hair. Haven’t straightened my hair since starting caring for the curls in July 2020.”

2. “I’ve been wearing my hair straight for the majority of my life. I recently met someone who has encouraged me to embrace my inner curly girl!”

3. “Embracing my curly hair! I chemically straightened my hair for years, I had no idea how to tame my hair.”

4. “Progress picture: 1 year”

5. “My natural hair in 2018 vs 2022!”

6. “Cut my hair yesterday. I feel so good!”

7. “Last night, at 30 years old, I found out I have curly hair.”

8. “July 2019 vs September 2020 — natural hair.”

9. “My first shag/curl transformation”

10. “Wavy hair progress — finally learned how much product to use.”

11. “Today is my 3-year anniversary of being more relaxed and heat-free.”

12. “I grew my hair mostly because I dance for a living, it makes me stick out and choreographers usually like how it moves.”

13. “Year and a half of taking care of my curls + curly cut!!”

14. “I hid my curls my whole life. Now I embrace them!”

15. “4-year transformation: all from learning how to take care of my curls.”

What hair changes have you experimented with? What is your best version of yourself?

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