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Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Were Lucky Enough to Witness a Glitch in the Matrix

When a certain outfit or hair color is on-trend, it’s not surprising to meet someone dressed exactly like you. But the people featured in this article were truly lucky to find real-life Easter eggs and capture these amazing coincidences on camera.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we couldn’t believe our eyes as we looked at these pictures that prove glitches in the matrix do exist.

1. “I like how the lady in the back is pretending she doesn’t see another blue-haired woman wearing the same outfit.”

2. “Couch at a thrift store matched my coat.”

3. People at the party thought we ’looked like Twilight.’"

4. “This broken rock that looks a little bit like an avocado”

5. “My friend found himself on a bag of chips.”

6. “This water bottle created the mountain that advertises it.”

7. “A group of black cats out in the wild”

8. “I saw a lenticular cloud over a cumulus cloud that made it look like a helicopter.”

9. “The sign says, ’Beware of the falling rocks.’”

10. “The way this sky at sunset is split in half”

11. “Match made in heaven”

12. “He got the perfect gift.”

13. “This cheese blends in with my countertops.”

14. “My nails match my gum.”

15. “Accidentally recreated my kitchen counters pattern on a plate while seasoning a burger.”

What is the weirdest coincidence that you’ve ever stumbled upon or read about? You can share all your experiences and photos with us.

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