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19 People Who Masterfully Created a Sequel to Their Old Photos

If you plan to recreate an old photo of yours, the first thing you should keep in mind is your expression and body posture. The reason why these recreated versions are successful is because people have posed exactly as in the old photos. This way, the comparison between the past and present is clear and positive emotions are created. The 16 examples we’ve gathered will prove exactly that.

1. “Recreated a picture with my 14 year old son from 13 years ago today on vacation.”

2. “My boyfriend as a fresh baby and now at 24. ft fancy carpets.”

3. “This couple had two photoshoots: one in 1959 for their wedding, and one in 2019.”

4. “Me & my BFF, taken 20 years apart.”

5. “22 years difference — we were visiting our old hometown and noticed that these poles were still in front of our childhood home. The tree has also grown up very well!”

6. “My parents on their wedding day in 1964 and then again at Christmas 2021.”

7. “Pics of first day of school Vs last day of school.”

8. “The wife and I then and now. 1977 a few weeks after we met and now 2022.”

9. “I saw some childhood friends of mine at a New Year’s party. We all look different now, but we really haven’t changed much.”

10. “The family car and me, 20 years apart.”

11. “My Mother’s Day photo recreation — my daughter is 15 years old.”

12. “Me and my bros — Part 2.”

13. “I forced my family to participate in some photo recreations from my childhood.”

14. “We recreated one of my parents’ wedding photos!”

15. “Same chair, different sizes!”

16. “Giving my boys a ride / and my boys giving me a ride.”

17. “Like grandfather, like granddaughter.”

18. “My Dad and I. Same park, 33 years apart.”

19. “I will never be this cool again (1995).”

Have you ever recreated old photos in an effort to relive some of your happiest past memories? We would love to see any photos you might have.

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