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20 Transformations That Made Us Believe in Happy Endings

It might not feel that way, but there is always an end to the hardships that life throws at us. And some people even choose to benefit from their misfortunes by turning them into a blessing. Because even our worst moments are there for a reason, and with the creativity and determination that we all have inside, we can use our troubles as a stepping stone to reach brighter heights.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that the beauty of life is in its ups and downs. And here are 20 situations to prove that, with positivity and imagination, we can make life infinitely better.

1. ’’6 years apart.’’

2. ’’Meet our foster dog Charlie.’’

3. Here’s a scar-based fish tattoo.

4. “I made a necklace from a rib I had removed.”

5. “I found the perfect tattoo for my hand deformity!”

6. “I’ve been using makeup as a way to deal with chronic pain and I decided to create a Pink Floyd look.”

7. “I transformed my wedding dress from my awful marriage into a costume for Halloween.”

8. “My daughter and I created a new toy by combining 2 of her broken toys. This is Chelsea!”

9. “Tree twisted and broken during a storm in my city turned into art.”

10. Coffee stains? Not anymore.

11. ’’I went to buy a duck, but ended up saving him instead.’’

12. “I made a beard comb out of a broken skateboard.”

13. “I didn’t have anyone to celebrate my graduation with, so I got myself a treat.”

14. “Turned a surgical scar into a branch of funny cartoons”

15. “I definitely recommend this for any broken hockey sticks. My new favorite decoration.”

16. “I recycled my favorite broken vase.”

17. “I made a disco ball costume out of broken mirrors.”

18. ’’A year ago I adopted this shaved boi, now he’s a happy fluffer boi.’’

19. From scar to a work of art

20. We adopted Spokey. What a difference 1 year can make!

Do you believe that a pinch of humor can be the magic wand to get out of a sad or stressful situation? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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