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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Side-by-Side Pics of Relatives That Will Make You Say “The Genetic Force Is Strong With This One”

Genetics is a fascinating thing. Sometimes, siblings look completely different from each other or their parents despite sharing the same blood. But there are also cases where two relatives end up looking like carbon copies of one another, even if they are far apart in the family tree.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 side-by-side photos of family members, whose gene game is so strong that they could easily pass off as the same person.

1. “My great great grandmother and me”

2. “Paternal grandfather and myself”

3. “My grandfather’s WWII ID picture at age 20 vs me at age 22”

4. “Me and my dad wearing the same tie on our respective graduations 30 years apart.”

“This was not planned. I needed a tie, and this is the one he gave me. Weeks later, we realized it.”

5. “Me and my son, both at 9 months. 35 years apart”

6. “Me and my kiddo, about the same age”

7. “Comparison photos of my maternal grandfather and I”

8. “My daughter looking a lot like my great-great-grandmother”

9. “Me and my great-grandfather”

10. “Same Halloween costume on me, 1972, and on my daughter, 2021!”

11. “My mother and me on our wedding days, 26 years apart”

12. “My son and me, myself as a toddler”

13. “My grandpa and I look very much alike, although my picture here doesn’t seem to represent it too well.”

14. “My great-great-aunt and I kind of look alike!”

15. “My maternal grandfather and my youngest son”

16. Father and son

17. “Me and my daughter in the same stroller 30 years apart”

18. “My daughter and I at the exact same age. Not sure if this is really good genetics or sorcery.”

19. “Me, December 1990, vs my son, November 2021. Both the same age in the photos.”

20. “My father in junior high and myself in second grade look like twins.”

Which two members of your family are so similar that you could say they’re clones?

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