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18 People Who Proved Sweet Gestures and Humor Are Essential in a Relationship

The most enduring relationships take a lot of hard work and effort from both partners. But it doesn’t always take grand, romantic gestures to keep your significant other happy. Even simple and thoughtful things, or funny tricks, can put a smile on their faces.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who won their partners’ hearts with their sweetness and unique sense of humor, and maybe we can learn a few tips from them.

1. “My girlfriend and I (finally) got a PlayStation 5, so naturally we did a fake maternity and newborn shoot with it.”

2. “My girlfriend has written me a note every day for 3 years.”

3. “I proposed to my boyfriend on the bridge of the Enterprise, he said yes and I couldn’t be happier.”

4. “My boyfriend asked for pie for his birthday, but he didn’t say what kind.”

5. “My girlfriend made me a meat bouquet for Valentine’s Day.”

6. “My husband always does this whenever I’m having a bad day.”

7. “I learned how to braid my girlfriend’s hair. This is my best French braid to date.”

8. “Mom came home after 8 weeks stuck in India. Here’s Dad, the least romantic man in the world, waiting.”

9. “My girlfriend surprised me with this for Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t be happier.”

10. “I got my girlfriend a surprise encounter with a red panda. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her so happy.”

11. “28 roses. One for each year of marriage. Love my romantic honey bun.”

12. “Last week, my girlfriend flew 700 miles in an ice storm to surprise me with a pizza delivery. Bought the outfit and everything.”

13. “Made my girlfriend a koala cake for her birthday.”

14. “I gave my wife Lego flowers for her birthday.”

15. “Me and my girlfriend got each other the exact same gift for Christmas.”

16. “Belated Christmas present. Girlfriend spent the last year knitting this for me.”

17. “Today my girlfriend surprised me after work.”

18. “My boyfriend surprised me with a kitten today.”

What is the nicest thing your partner has done for you and what is the most adorable thing you’ve done for them? And what were the reactions like?

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