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20+ Tattoos That Capture the Real Meaning of Care and Tenderness

A creative person is pretty much able to do the most amazing things with pretty anything that crosses their path. Such is the case of Ayhan Karadağ, a Turkish artist who has molded sculptures in clay, worked in wood, and painted in watercolor. But his favorite tool is ink, and his canvas, skin. That’s why Ayhan dazzles with his tattoos that look like something out of a fairy tale.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we were inspired by these tattoos, so we made a compilation of the best ones Ayhan made. Don’t miss the bonus at the end to know the story of this very special artist.

1. The most valuable canvas: your skin

2. A super delicate Frida Kahlo

3. A perfect afternoon

4. Mother Nature’s love

5. The star collector cat

6. She’s out of this world

7. The Pied Piper of Hamelin

8. In the center of the forest stood a legendary, powerful, and mysterious tree.

9. And that was until one of the fish dared to dream.

10. His name was Filomeno, and he was an exemplary painter.

11. But she didn’t forget that he was out and alone on Christmas

12. There is no size for friendship

13. The little prince is dreaming

14. They were inseparable

15. And their adventures made them travel the world

16. Escaped from the bamboo forest in pursuit of a butterfly

17. She had a different way of looking at the world

18. Animal cuteness

19. Morning strolls along the riverbank

20. And he slept among the balloons until he reached his destination.

21. She loved her cats as if she had known them for 100 years.

22. Inseparable

23. She had a motorcycle, flowers, and the sun as her guide.

24. And so, she was one with the cosmos

25. Agnes, from Despicable Me

26. Miniature cats for small fairies

Bonus: Ayhan’s story

“I’ve been drawing since I was 11 years old, and there hasn’t been a time in my life when I’ve stopped. Art is everything.” For such a talent, it was exactly those years of experience that made this Istanbul-based artist come to the conclusion that the most valuable material for imbuing art was skin.

It is there that Ayhan depicts scenes with a special character, reminiscent of fairy tale characters. The artist explains his style by saying that he prefers to draw stories that show the places and times of the fairy tales of our dreams. Therefore, his drawings are populated with nature scenes and animals, both a passion of the artist. According to him, they represent our purest times of the heart, our childhood.

“I wanted people to be happy when they look at my work on their bodies. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than wearing on your skin the design of the fairy tale that a man imagines all his life.”

And as it often happens with really good artists, Ayhan’s inspiration won’t let him stop thinking of art for a second. “Art is my fun, my culture, my lover, my ritual; art is everything.” And that’s why he is currently drawing a book of fairy tales. The scenes he has created on the skins of his clients have not been enough to satiate his creativity. Some of these drawings have even been turned into tattoos as well.

What is your favorite tattoo style? Do you have a design pending? Show us yours and tell us their stories!

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