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15+ Animals Who Couldn’t Care Less About Following the Rules

Just like us, our pets have personalities. Researchers say that dogs, for example, have three basic temperament groups: assertive/aggressive, neutral, and passive. These don’t depend on the breeds, size, etc. Of course, each dog can still behave differently depending on the situation, sometimes showing its daring side.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything made a compilation of pics of animals who break the rules but still are no less adorable because of that.

1. A fish thief.

2. The dog has no regrets.

3. “My cat steals clothes from my closet and then brings them to her litterbox.”

4. “It took me a couple of minutes to go outside and grab my delivery.”

5. “I need to poop but she’s hogging the bathroom.”

6. “My little silly right after getting groomed and being told to do anything but jump in the mud.”

7. “Why lie down on the cat bed when you can use the fruit basket instead?”

8. “Stealing from a baby”

9. “I caught this little guy trying to steal my kid’s car.”

10. “Now I know why my plant died.”

11. “So that’s where my socks went.”

12. “Yeah, it’s cool for you, you don’t have to use the keyboard.”

13. “We’re trying to teach our kitty to stay off the coffee table. This is his response.”

14. “I literally just gave him a bath.”

15. “My cat stealing the dog’s bone”

16. “Otis (right) didn’t want to share pizza crust with Guenhwyvar (left).”

17. “A story of confusion”

How daring is our pet? What does it like to do to annoy you?

Preview photo credit BabaYaga17 /reddit
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