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15 Pets Who Grew Out of Their Baby Phase Way Too Fast

study showed that the human brain shines bright very similarly in mothers who have human babies and fur babies. The women that were asked said that they felt the same level of excitement when they saw a picture of their pet and a picture of their baby. And in both cases, they grow up so fast and we just forget how they were when they were little.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks that we should cherish every single day we have with our little fluffy friends since they grow up so fast.

1. “365 days later and my little nugget isn’t so little anymore”

2. “This good boy did a heck of a grow this year”

3. “1.5 months to 10 months — Boyfriend for scale”

4. “17 months later”

5. “Copper from 2 to 4 months old”

6. “Doodles, 9 weeks to 5 years. Once a shoulder kitty, always a shoulder kitty.”

7. “So my friends cat turned one. Slight change.”

8. “From a timid puppy to an adventurous trail dog. They grow up so fast.”

9. From a happy little girl to a serious big woman

10. “Mithy from 4 months old to 3 years old. She still likes napping on dad.”

11. “The difference a couple years can make”

12. Same spot, bigger size

13. “Dahlia struggling in the first photo at 2 months and now at 1 year and 5 months.”

14. “June (2 months old) to February (10 months old)”

15. “They grow up so fast”

Do you have a furry friend, and if you do how old is it? Can you imagine life without having a pet at home?

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