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Now I've Seen Everything

22 Clever Pets Who Uncovered the Secret to the Perfect Nap

There is something so peaceful and comforting in watching our pets sleep. Some look like heavenly creatures as they doze off, others prefer to relax in hilarious positions and in some curious locations around the house. Either way, watching our four-legged friends sleep reminds us that there is nothing more tempting and well-deserved than to shut our eyes after a long day.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a big fan of the art of sleeping. And we have noticed that animals have found some really creative ways to master it.

1. The comfiest pillow

2. “Saved these 4 little buns.”

3. Yin and Yang

4. ’’In case you need something to brighten your day, here’s a picture of my dog sleeping.’’

5. Growing up and sleeping together

6. Just chilling

7. “I think I’ll sleep right here.”

8. Not many can sleep this way.

9. ’’They sleep like this every night.’’

10. “My baby having a cozy nap.”

11. 2 moms together

12. ’’His favorite sleeping spot.’’

13. Sleep as art

14. A majestic dog in his natural habitat

15. When the little one is fast asleep.

16. “She always sleeps in very strange positions.”

17. Paws up

18. “Got myself a cat today.”

19. He’s comfortable.

20. “But I ordered shoes!”

21. Sleepy puppy

22. ’’My little guy likes sleeping in his succulent.’’

What is your pet’s favorite sleep position? Share their photos in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Mi_llamo_T-bone / Reddit
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