Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

10+ Ordinary People Who Experienced a Bunch of Unusual Things

The world around us is full of surprises; some are natural, while others are the result of human intervention. And some people just can’t help but be curious and amazed by their findings, even if it means running into the smallest banana we’ve ever seen. Aside from all of this, these folks are also really fortunate since they always have their camera on hand when they need to capture these amazing things.

“I convinced my husband to try a foot peel. I’ve never been more in love.”

“The bubbles at the bottom of my water glass look like a script of some kind.”

“Someone placed a Webcam sticker on this urinal flush valve at a music venues bathroom.”

“This tree in Barcelona has a face.”

“The old ricotta I had forgotten in the fridge had turned vivid violet.”

“This cedar wood I was cutting is purple inside.”

“A mini banana”

“A friend of mine is a drag queen. This is what happened last night when he took off his makeup.”

“The host of this party has a tortilla blanket.”

“I vacuum-sealed garlic.”

“This is what happens to expired pizza dough.”

“I left a banana in a bag for 5 years.”

“Here’s what happens when lightning strikes a flag on a golf course.”

“My dog brought her toy outside, resulting in a snowball being created inside of it.”

“A cloud that looks like a hat.”

“I accidentally closed the dryer door on the bottom of a shirt.”

“This little carpeted room next to my bedroom door.”

“I pulled off my glue glove in one piece.”

When was the last time you discovered anything unusual? Where do you typically find odd things?

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