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14 Riddle-Like Photos That Got Us Confused

Scientists say that we don’t really see the world the way it is in reality. We see it the way it’s most useful for us, which is why we can stumble upon optical illusions. And people aren’t the only ones who are subjected to this. Scientists found out that bumblebees see colors and that they can mistake grey for blue if they are surrounded by a completely different color (they experimented with yellow).

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some examples of how the world around us can easily trick our eyes.

1. Weird proportions

2. “Big woman on a bike”

3. “This cat on a bucket.”

4. “A gas station after a good downpour”

5. “An office building in Wisconsin.”

6. “My sleeping cat looks like it has 2 tails.”

7. “My wife took a pic while my nephew was climbing off the bed, and they look like my legs.”

8. “The reflection of my lamp in my iPhone looks 3D.”

9. “I thought the driver of this car was just staring me down for no reason.”

10. “My shadow wears my shoes.”

11. “She’s sat on the other end but looks like she’s lying in a floating box.”

12. “Flying kayak”

13. “Found a baby arm in the wild.”

14. Ceiling lights reflecting on a window

Have you ever taken a photo that really confused you? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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