Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Fascinating Discoveries That Were the Highlight of Someone’s Day

When you get out of bed in the morning, it’s impossible to predict coming across an intruder peacock inside your house. Well, someone did experience it and others made even rarer findings. Although it’s hard to believe, those who live through these ocurrences make sure to snap a photo of them. See it for yourself!

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to spice up your day with a few pics that can make your eyes pop.

1. “Me at 8 with Tarantino, a pic I thought was lost.”

2. “Instead of a broken wheel on my shopping cart, I have a shopping cart for my broken wheel.”

3. “When you like your trunk so much you get a second one.”

4. “Icicles on my trucks wheels”

5. “Found this flower growing out of the floor crack in my apartment.”

6. “A piece of wood I found”

7. “A pen that melted and deformed, it works perfectly fine, and it’s in good condition.”

8. “A friend found a very long Cheerio.”

9. “Melted apple sculptures.”

10. “My local supermarket grows their own herbs in-store.”

11. “I buy honey from backroad beekeeper stands.”

12. “My new foster kitten has a men’s room pictogram on his back.”

13. “My prescription glass lenses are so thick when fitted to these vintage aviator frames.”

14. “I found this tiny feather from my bird.”

15. “Took out the trash for 5 minutes and found this intruder in my house.”

What has been the most unique thing you’ve seen lately and do you think it would be worth it for other people to see?

Preview photo credit Rumtum / Imgur
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