Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Recreated Their Old Pics and Brought Their Memories to Life

Sometimes time flies in our fast-paced world, and we barely notice important things that happen to us. Fortunately, we have easy access to cameras and can take as many photos as we want to, then look at them and remember some of our happiest moments. Our today’s heroes went a step further and recreated pics from their past to bring them back to life.

1. The same location, several decades later...

2. “True love, 13 years later”

3. “The years have passed.”

4. “My dad and I had the chance to take a trip we had taken once, 15 years ago. Decided to recreate this photo as a tribute.”

5. Recreated their wedding photo after 70 years.

6. “My parents near their tree in 1975 and now, in 2016.”

7. “2 photos of me with the very same plant from 1999.”

8. When you can no longer fit into your own clothes.

9. “63 years later and my grandma can still fit into her wedding gown!”

10. “My little twin.”

11. “3 sisters. The time difference between these photos is 15 years.”

12. The dog seems to be bigger and happier!

13. “The bride and the maid of honor, then and now”

14. “I’m the guy who proposed with the ring around a puppy’s collar a couple years ago. Some of you asked for an updated picture, here we are on our anniversary yesterday.”

15. “1996 vs 2018 — My best friend and I, reconnecting after 6 years of being apart.”

16. A few years make a big difference...

17. “Me 30 years ago and my 8-month-old daughter today.”

Do you have any recreated photos in your collection? What other things do you use to keep a close watch on all the changes that happen over time?

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