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Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Had a Good Laugh Looking at Old Photos of Themselves

Every decade has had its very own despicable fashion trends that most of us used to follow. For example, the ’80s are known for their leg warmers and the ’90s for their parachute pants and t-shirts over long-sleeved shirts. However, all these trends go away at some point and all we’re left with are photos we can stand looking at.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 15 pictures from the past that seem very funny and out of place in today’s era.

“Not sure who looks creepier... mid-’90s.”

“The only thing about this picture that I regret is that this collection of Beanie Babies wasn’t larger.”

“My wonderful supportive Mom paid a professional photographer for these.”

“My mom’s second grade photo from 1970 makes me laugh!”

“6-years-old looking 60. Why did my mom let me go to school looking like this?”

“By far the worst photo of me in my existence”

“The early ’90s were not kind to my family.”

“Me and my sister. I insisted that the tail goes at the front.”

“1999. I thought I was so cool when I figured out how to make the peace sign.”

“Me, thinking my fedora looked so cool and made me feel like a mafia boss.”

“I thought I was super cool with my $20 wig.”

“I wore this to school.”

“I was super cool in these off-brand Converse and Walmart Halloween tutu.”

“You couldn’t have paid me to tone it down.”

“I was one of those who used to wear a beanie in the middle of the summer.”

“My husband and his JNCO jeans in 1999”

What trend did you use to follow back in the day that, looking back now, makes you crack up with laughter?

Preview photo credit tlacuachetamagotchi / reddit
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