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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Who Had No Idea What Life Prepared For Them

Sometimes life prepares surprises for us, and it’s impossible to be fully prepared for them. The only thing we can do is to capture those exciting moments on cameras in the hopes to come back and process the events later. And while we’re at it, why not also share those curious things with friends and family, or even the whole Internet? Our today’s heroes decided to do just that.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some photos that left an impression on Internet users.

1. “Went to the zoo today and I’m 99% sure that’s not a Cheetah...”

2. “A friend of mine decided to decorate my birthmark.”

3. The smile of someone’s first time in the ocean.

4. “A bee photobombs my dog.”

5. “The MacBook screen is there.”

6. “A red bumpy avocado? It’s my first time seeing this. Wondering if it will give me superpowers.”

7. An Elmo woman is sleeping.

8. “Taken today in VA”

9. “Checked my fitness bracelet after a 15 km walk, and guess what!”

10. “My partner’s most recent tomato harvest”

11. “Doberman lamp”

12. “Sometimes family beach pictures don’t go as planned.”

13. “An airplane slices through the clouds.”

14. “This lovely heart mark on my best friend’s dog”

15. “4-week-old sugar glider”

16. “New road was not sealed correctly.”

Which photo made you smile, and which one amazed you?

Preview photo credit panther009/Imgur
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