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15+ People Whose Problem-Solving Skills Are Off the Charts

Challenges are a big part of everyone’s lives, but far not everyone enjoys them. We understandably prefer to stay comfortable and safe, avoiding new stuff. At the same time, psychologists believe that those scary new experiences are good for us. For example, they build our confidence and help us focus.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos from people who excel at problem-solving.

1. “This sofa set made out of red bricks”

2. “Bugged me for 3 months.”

3. “I just peeled a lemon.”

4. “Shirts made from plastic bottles”

5. “Our new washing machine has a program for Lego(s).”

6. “A stack of cups that you can turn to indicate when coffee was brewed.”

7. “A swing made from a carbon fiber hydrofoil that was no longer needed”

8. “My teacher raises a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during the fire drill.”

9. “This seafood place puts their ketchup in a waffle cone.”

10. “This couch I made out of a bathtub”

11. “These chairs are fixed in place at only one leg.”

12. “The hot tub in my hotel room fills from the ceiling.”

13. “This college made a water bottle with a map of the campus on it. It also shows places where you can fill it up.”

14. “This guy’s fence is made from random doors.”

15. “My girlfriend made a stew inside a pumpkin.”

16. “My eggplant has a laser marking instead of a physical sticker to show it’s organic.”

17. “A kid in my Latin class didn’t have a piece of paper, so he wrote his quiz on an orange. The teacher accepted it.”

18. When a parking space is tough to find:

What has been the most memorable challenge in your life, and how did you overcome it? Which of these solutions impressed you the most?

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