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Now I've Seen Everything

18 People Share Their Genius Hacks, and We Bow Down to Their Creativity

The reason why life hacks are so popular in the era of social media is simply because they offer us quicker and easier solutions. Not only that, but they can also save us some money with their cheap alternatives to things we would usually buy at the store.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves it when people use their brain to think outside the box and find solutions to their everyday issues.

1. “Halving your pizzas can fit two in the oven at the same time.”

2. “My 71-year-old mother tapes a plastic cup on those hotel hair dryers.”

3. “McDonald’s life hack”

4. “My girlfriend marks the hard boiled eggs like this.”

5. Why would anyone bother holding a phone in their hands?

6. “Don’t throw away old candles. Instead, put them on ’keep warm’ mode on a coffee maker to melt and reuse them.”

7. “Auto Glass repair shop uses windshields as dividers”

8. “Use your window as a fridge in your room so you have cold water instead of it getting warm sitting next to the bed.”

9. “Can’t find a stand for your mic? Use a hockey stick instead.”

10. “Cut a Jack in my cutting board so it can dry in the sink and weld-marked a circle where garlic is allowed.”

11. “Made a tube to make watering my Christmas tree easy because it’s barricaded due to my rabbits.”

12. “Just discovered that the lid of the hummus I bought doubles as a decorative holder. An actual life hack!”

13. “The medium setting on my Keurig fills ramen with the perfect amount of hot water.”

14. “I don’t have a meat tenderizer, so I improvised.”

15. Band-Aid slipping on your toe? Not anymore with this hack!

16. One more Christmas hack in case your tree is too small for the stand.

17. Fix a zipper that won’t stay up with a small elastic band.

18. “I wanted Smores”

Will you be using any of the hacks above anytime soon? Do you think that they can actually help you in your everyday tasks?

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