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Now I've Seen Everything

18 People Who Reached the Peak of Thrift Store Shopping

A trip to the thrift store can feel like an adventure. Sometimes, you get to see really strange and quirky items. But if it’s your lucky day, you might just be able to score some incredible finds and even literal treasures (like gold) for a very cheap price.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who shared their precious hauls, and they might convince you to visit the nearest thrift store soon.

1.“I’m still shaking. Yves Saint Laurent coat for $5.”

2. “Found these hardly worn Doc Martens for $3.69.”

3. “Had an absolutely terrible day but turned it around when I got this Kate Spade tote for $9.99.”

4. “Found a $1,200 Louise Vuitton bag for $7.”

  • LV never allows its logo to go under stitching or seams. All patterns and logos are identical across the entire bag. It’s a nice fake, but a fake nonetheless. The stitching is also the wrong color. LV uses a resin on the threads and it makes it a honey yellow, not the bright yellow yours is. © PahTayTur / Reddit

5. Vintage Gucci scarf

6. “I’ve found interesting things in thrifted suit pockets before, but never $2000 in cash.”

7. “Didn’t buy and now regret it”

8. “Found these for $2.99.”

  • So many comments saying they’re fake. Even if they are, still a gorgeous pair of shoes for $3!!!! © mermarq / Reddit

9. “The most perfect dress I’ve ever seen, $6”

10. “Went to the thrift store for a new winter coat and walked out with this Friitala shearling beauty for under $20.”

“Internet recon says they’re upwards of $1,500 new! Has some minor wear but nothing too wild.”

11. “When I found these boots my first thought was about how strange they are. Then I googled the brand... They are $1,290.”

12. “Picked up this crazy vintage jumper for £3.30 ($3.30) today.”

13. “Finally got around to hanging my thrifted scarf collection! Got a mix of wool, silk, and twill.”

“The second one from the left is an Hermès one I got for $2.99.”

14. “Haven’t gone thrifting in months... Scored this 3.1 Philip Lim handbag yesterday for $11!”

15. “Found the perfect vampire dress for my Halloween costume for $15.”

16. “My most recent thrifted piece. Paid $4.”

17. “Found my dream thrift! A vintage Penny Lane coat for $12! Over the moon right now.”

18. “I found a locked safe for $15 and it was full of money, gold and silver!”

Have you ever bought a really cool thing for pennies?

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