Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Pictures That Prove Life Can Be the Chameleon of Trickery

Life has many dimensions and depending on where you’re standing, your view can vary. It’s the same with photography, since anyone can create an alternate reality if they know how to place their camera. But sometimes, it’s not only a matter of luck or perception, but also the confusing way things look no matter when you’re standing.

1. “Hair or hat?”

2. “Got my hair cut today and I noticed something..”

3. A transparent laptop

4. “The baby giraffe at the Oklahoma City Zoo”

5. “The wear and scuff-marks on this boat look like an island in the sea.”

6. Camel face.

7. A ghost ship

8. A strange way to sit...

9. Cat floating on the carpet

10. What is going on here?

11. A cup of coffee with milk... or a plate covering a cup?

12. “Charge your electric cat here.”

13. Too narrow construction

14. “Shy chair leg”

15. “Dropped my phone and the crack it made kind of looks like a hummingbird.”

16. “The 3-legged man”

17. 2 bodies... and one head?

18. “Chocolate milk filling hallway or black goo filling hallway?”

Have you ever been truly confused in real life and seen something different than what was real? Why do you think that happened?

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