14 Lucky People Who Had Their Cameras Ready to Snap Some Unique Pics

2 years ago

Many of us are using smartphones during most of our free time (perhaps more than we should for our own good). On the bright side, we are always prepared to take pictures of the unique things we see. For example, our heroes managed to capture a rainbow with lightning in the same spot, as well as a man walking his dog in a cooler, among many other interesting things.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared some prime examples of “right place, right time” type of photography.

“This dog trying to catch a ball”

“I captured the night sky and the sunset in the same photo.”

“Accidentally found out what my daughter would look like with my hair.”

Looks like her hair, but it’s actually a guy’s head.

“Photobomb level: adorable”

“My uncle using his flashlight to brighten up my dad’s iPad screen”

“A guy in the hot AZ heat did not want his dog’s paws to burn, so he pulled him in a cooler.”

“This Kinder egg with a smaller Kinder egg inside.”

“Thought I was just taking a photo of a rainbow when...”

“My niece.”

“The way this sky at sunset is split in half.”

“She said she wanted the biggest cinnamon roll they had.”

“This one got a little greedy.”

“Sometimes you get lucky with timing.”

Which one of the images above would you gladly share with your friends on social media? Do you have any amazing content to share that the world would love to see?

Preview photo credit Quarafee / reddit


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