15 Pics That Can Teach You More About Love Than Any Books Will

2 years ago

Someone once said, “Love isn’t something natural. Rather, it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.” And this feels very true since maintaining and growing your love for someone takes a lot of work and effort. It’s about overcoming the moments you feel like you want to give up, and that takes a lot of mental power.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes that all people can open their hearts a bit more and let love pour out to those around them.

1. “6 weeks vs 6-month-old Noodle”

2. “I just gave birth to my son! This is my daughter, my son, and me. I’m so in love.”

3. “My daughter hugged the dog.”

4. Snuggling up to mama

5. “My daughter meeting her little sister for the first time”

6. “I was already having a pretty good day, then I found this photo of me and my grandma from 6 years ago.”

7. “My 3-year-old daughter comforting her lab puppy at the vet”

8. “I found him today.”

9. “I got full custody of my son 7 years ago, and this week we finally got our own place together!”

10. If the expression, “I’m going to protect you at all costs,” needed a picture description, this would be it.

11. “We love each other and don’t hide it.”

12. “My first-ever nephew meeting his great-grandmother for the first time”

13. “First coffee date with my daughter”

14. “Our son hugging our dog”

15. “I heard we only get so few of these moments.”

How often do you show or tell people or animals around you that you love them? Do you think that our planet needs a bit more love?

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